Saturday, June 13, 2009

Delegitimization history

It is curious how the delegitimization campaign - and that's what it is, as nobody in Iran was shocked by the election result, while the American media carefully built another story - spearheaded by people like Cole and Sick and Sullivan, directly parallels CIA destabilization campaigns in places like Chile and Guatemala, all following the model set by - ahem - the 1953 coup in Iran (see Note 1), you know, the one Obama just owned up to in his Cairo speech. This will be lost on Americans, but won't be lost on Iranians. The idea is that the elected ruler the Americans don't like doesn't have popular support - as evidenced by the CIA-sponsored opposition violence - and thus it is legitimate when he is replaced with the aid of CIA violence. All the stories you are hearing are part of this process, and I imagine the CIA checks are in the mail. The point is almost certainly not 'regime change' per se, but destabilization and weakening, just as the attacks on Afghanistan and Pakistan are intended to weaken the power of Pakistan. This is the game they play, and the people commenting on the election are helping the American Empire play that game.
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