Tuesday, June 30, 2009

FBI foreknowledge of September 11

Peter Lance writes about Patrick Fitzgerald's attempts to block the publication of the trade paperback of Lance's book Triple Cross. Lance believes that Fitzgerald's motive is to protect himself and the FBI from allegations that they bungled the investigation of terrorism in the 90s, thus permitting both the 1993 and 2001 attacks on the WTC.

In particular, Lance describes a remarkable FBI intelligence operation, where they used a jailed mobster named Gregory Scarpa Jr. Scarpa's cell was next to the cells of Ramzi Yousef - who Lance believes is one of the masterminds behind all recent terrorist plots - and Abdul Hakim Murad. The two terrorists used Scarpa as the go-between in passing their messages in jail, and Scarpa agreed to copy them for the FBI. Scarpa was even willing to set up an FBI agent as a phony mobster to meet with their associates outside the jail.

All this fell through when the FBI decided to really go after Scarpa as part of their bigger campaign against the Mob. In effect, they decided to pursue the Mob in New York at the expense of pursuing terrorists in New York, on the theory that they had completely ended the terrorist threat to New York with their wiping out the 1993 bombing cell. Lance thinks that Fitzgerald was afraid that if he relied on Scarpa's materials from the terrorists he would give too much credibility to Scarpa, thus damaging his mobster case against Scarpa. The FBI took the position that the Scarpa materials were fake, cooked up by Scarpa presumably to aid him in his own legal troubles. Thus, Fitzgerald and the FBI ignored the evidence that would have allowed them to stop the September 11 attacks.
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