Monday, June 15, 2009

Iran election wrap

It seems the neocons were too smart for their own good, pissed off the Obama administration with their scheming, and paid the price of losing Dennis Ross (Ross was probably headed out the door anyway, but the timing of his departure is telling). It was always completely preposterous that the Obama guy in charge of negotiating with Iran was the co-founder - along with Richard Holbrooke, whose job it is to wreck Pakistan - of an institute dedicated to nuking Iran.

From the most dependable newspaper in the world, the Telegraph (my emphasis in red):
"Mr Mousavi's cancellation of the protest came as sporadic disturbances continued around the Iranian capital, and reports circulated of leaked interior ministry statistics showing him as the clear victor in last Friday's polls.

The statistics, circulated on Iranian blogs and websites, claimed Mr Mousavi had won 19.1 million votes while Mahmoud Ahmadinejad had won only 5.7 million.

The two other candidates, reformist Mehdi Karoubi and hardliner Mohsen Rezai, won 13.4 million and 3.7 million respectively. The authenticity of the leaked figures could not be confirmed."

Try to remember that this is the Telegraph, not the Onion (a far more reliable news source).

Meanwhile, back in the real world, pollsters explain how the final results are quite credible. Mousavi, a politician who had been out of power for twenty years, entered the race at almost the last moment. The poll showed he didn't even come close to Ahmadinejad amongst his own ethnic group. Ahmadinejad is considered to be personally completely non-corrupt, while a major supporter of Mousavi, Hashemi Rafsanjani, is infamous in Iran for his corruption. Mousavi is also good pals with Manucher Ghorbanifar! Remember the meeting in Rome with Ledeen in which they cooked up the trickery which led to the disastrous American attack on Iraq? Remember the Niger documents? The connections to corruption and to the neocons make Mousavi's recent actions quite understandable. He never thought he was going to win. He was in the election from the get go as part of a neocon/Zionist plot to destabilize Iran and make the election 'illegitimate', thus making it easier for the Jews to claim that the United States 'had no negotiating partner'.

For more on the plausibility of the result, and why, see here and here and here (although Fisk reminds me more and more of Thomas Friedman, and that is not a good thing) and here (". . . Ahmadinejad’s 62.6 percent of the vote in this year’s election is essentially the same as the 61.69 percent he received in the final count of the 2005 presidential election....).

There was no mass murder by government forces, Mousavi wasn't killed or put under house arrest, the phones weren't shut down, the cell phones weren't shut down, Twitter wasn't shut down (although it is being heavily manipulated by the neocon forces; it's amusing how we heard about Twitter being shut down over . . . Twitter), the internet wasn't shut down (although all information systems were slowed by the massive propaganda battle being fought by the neocons), the protests, some very violent, are being allowed to continue. All the Zionist rumors were, as usual, bullshit. The police and military did brutalize peaceful protesters . . . oh, sorry that was at Netanyahu's speech.

The bullshit will continue, as World Jewry feels that destabilizing Iran is 'good for the Jews'. And so it goes.
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