Thursday, June 18, 2009

More Iran links

I keep meaning to blog about something else - there are some conspiracies in Canada, of all places! - but the intelligence assets continue to lie, albeit with a touch less confidence, wondering how they will ever regain their credibility. The heartening thing is that people are so hip to conspiracies now that the liars have made themselves something of a joke. The links:
  1. I have been justifiably attacking Mondoweiss, but Weiss redeems himself a little bit - he's subsequently descended back into the Zionist ooze (and Tikun Olam sinks ever deeper) - by posting some truth. The internal conspiracy is all Rafsanjani, with the various opponents carefully crafted so that each would pare a little support from Ahmadinejad. The Iranian people saw through the trick.
  2. Twitter has proven itself as a wonderful intelligence agency tool - anonymous, immediate, with an air of veracity, and the ability to make what appear to be mutually confirming reports. All lies. It is Twitter that fed, and continues to feed, the raw material for the American intelligence assets. The Jerusalem Post has now been caught by Charting Stocks of trying to scrub the evidence of the Israeli origin of many of the tweets.
  3. From the Angry Arab News Service:
    "A colleague and friend sent me this (she/he does not want to be identified): 'Mousavi was (along with a couple of other major "reformists") were hotheaded rightwing Islamists back in the 1980s, and Mousavi in particular was responsible for purging universities of lefties, Jews, and Bahaiis. the other two people most associated with this same move from being university purgers to radical reformists are Abdulkarim Sorush and MohsenKadviar. The former is a philosopher and the latter a cleric, both of whom have very sophisticated arguments (the former based on Gadamer's hermeneutics; the latter based on his extensive training and certification as a faqih) about separating the mosque from the state. All three were involved with the early purges and now face the same fate...the other thing is that although Ahmadinejad has very populist rhetoric he is actually a neoliberal bastard economically, so....'"

    I have to note that it is odd that this 'neoliberal bastard' is roundly criticized by the right for causing inflation by handing out too much oil money to the poor.
  4. "The Iranian Election and a Hysterical Media" (found here). Of course, leftish writers work from a template which always ends with the conclusion that the only solution to this intractable problem is socialism.
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