Friday, June 05, 2009

Ongoing Nakba

Yet more on the ethnic cleansing of East Jerusalem:
"The most disturbing fact about the Israelis program is that when you look around East Jerusalem and the surrounding area there are considerable plots of land without homes. If they wanted to illegally build new settlements without kicking out Palestinians in the area they could. The targeting of Sheikh Jarrah and other areas is actually a process of racial purification, the transformation of East Jerusalem into a unified Jewish Jerusalem. As Maher asks, 'Why can't they build a settlement on any other bit of land?'"

This is part of a Jewish conspiracy to make the symbolic religious sharing of Jerusalem an impossibility. If the Vatican actually cared about Christian symbols, you'd think it would be moving heaven and earth to stop this, but apparently the Pope's been bought as well. The Jewish thieving scheme is also expressly against what Obama has been saying, outrageously against international law (but of course international law doesn't apply to Jews due to their holocaust exception), and in direct contradiction to the original colonial plans for the Middle East (as bad as those plans were, they payed lip service to common sense).

The Nakba isn't over, although if Israeli legislators get their way, it may be illegal to talk about it!
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