Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Overturning the Islamic Revolution

Iranians were killed when the mob attacked, and tried to burn down, the headquarters of the Basij volunteer militia, which works for the Revolutionary Guards. This was insane. It is also clear proof of the work of agents provocateurs within the protests, who are trying to cause 'regime change'. Any guess as to who might be employing these agents provocateurs?

Remember Wurmser's Zionist Plan for the Middle East? The War For The Jews against Iraq was supposed to introduce a moderate Shi'ite regime in Iraq, which would in turn moderate the regime in Iran. In fact, the business interests which have been so friendly to the Zionists (e. g., Ghorbanifar and the weapons dealers who aided in Iran-Contra), the group represented by Mousavi, is supposed to take over, and the 1979 revolution completely reversed. Since the regime in place in Iraq isn't moderate, and is too friendly with the 'radicals' in Iran, World Jewry and its American host appears to have cooked up a plan to attempt 'regime change' the old fashioned way, through a phony revolution created by anarchy caused by rabble rousing and agents provocateurs. Even if the attempt fails, the Jews will have weakened Iran. It is time for all Iranians to come together in the spirit of 1979. Don't let the Jews win!
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