Monday, June 22, 2009

Pathetic colonialism

The United States has so weakened itself - mostly through the various costs associated in fighting Wars For The Jews - that it no longer has the ability to manage its empire. Americans, having derived so much of their own personal self-worth from being part of this empire, can't admit that the empire is finished (largely as a result of their own stupidity), and have now entered the pathetic colonialist stage of history, much like the British over the past decades. This psychological problem is why we're seeing both 'left' and right fall exactly in line in their approach to Iran, backing up the CIA/Mossad destabilization operations in Iran. Watch how the 'left' falls all over itself praising analysis of the vote from Chatham House, the apparatus of the British foreign policy establishment, an institution the 'left' would have disdained in the past as much as it would disdain the sister operation of Chatham House, the Council on Foreign Relations. It is telling how the 'left' accepts uncritically a report from an operation that is an integral part of the destabilization program. In the pathetic colonialist stage of history, the differences between left and right fall away. Everybody's a colonialist now.

You can see how the white man's burden actually requires the assistance of the American 'left' to assist Iran, a country with a universally recognized record of holding fair elections since the fall of the American-installed and -supported Shah, from a country which is universally acknowledged to have one of the most crooked electoral systems in the world. All these American election experts can suddenly see through ballot boxes, and with the aid of insufficient data and a lot of misapplied statistics, are positive that the American-Empire-favored candidate won.

The poor Iranians are so incompetent they can't even fix an election properly (that's where the Americans could help - just call Diebold!). The problem with Iran is that the real power rests in the hands of a few unelected religious guys, who vet all the candidates who are allowed to run. If they wanted one guy to win, why would they admit other plausible candidates who had a chance of beating their guy? It is a trick question. They didn't. They allowed a bunch of Rafsanjani's losers to run because they knew they would do badly. The fact that the losers did so badly became the main plank of the destabilization campaign. Everybody knew the losers were going to lose, and lose badly. The only point of running was to use the loss as part of the program to weaken the country.

I think the Iranian intelligence and counter-intelligence operations, much praised for their record of competence over the years (they were trained by the Israelis during the time of the Shah), have let the country down. Everybody relaxed when Obama replaced Bush. It was a mistake. Never turn your back on the Jews and their pathetic American servants. Without access to a War For The Jews, the Jews fell back on Plan B, a Destabilization For The Jews.

There is a lot of talk about how the Jews prefer Ahmadinejad as he allows them to work their propaganda campaign against the people of Iran, ideally, from the mainstream Jewish point of view, leading to an nuclear holocaust. Its amazing how if you mention these issues you are an anti-Semite, while everybody assumes the entire world turns on what's good for the Jews. We have to get out of this mindset. The plan has always been destabilization, and weakening, of Iran. Anything a guy like Pipes says in part of the wider program, leading eventually to the construction of Anti-Assimilation-Land across the Middle East. The current regime in Iran is supposedly in the way of this, so the Jews will do whatever it takes to weaken the country.

We've reached the late stages, where the Western interference has become a political issue in Iran. Suddenly, many of the American intelligence assets are calling for the West to back off, and let the Iranians decide their own fate. It is a shame they didn't think of that earlier, but of course the reason to call for this common sense is that the continued efforts of the destabilizers is starting to have a counterproductive effect, providing ammunition for the current Iranian regime. If there is anything we should have learned over the decades, it is that the interference of the American Empire is never helpful, and in fact usually leads to tragedy. Americans have such bad mojo that their slightest touch leads to death and misery.
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