Monday, June 01, 2009

The persecution starts to unravel

The official organized persecution of Muslims in Canada under the precepts of Bibi's 'war on terror' - part of the Islamophobia required to allow Jews to slaughter Muslims and steal their land - is performed according to an elaborate ceremony which would be unrecognizable to those who set up the criminal law system in order to attempt to ensure that innocents weren't railroaded by the state. Part of the new system involves denying the accused the right to see all the evidence against them, on the grounds of 'national security', which of course also precludes the normal cross-examination necessary for any kind of fair trial. In order to purport to protect the rights of the accused, advocates are allowed to see part of the evidence. Of course, in order for this kind of system to even pretend to function there has to be scrupulous honesty from both the prosecutors and the intelligence agency presenting the evidence, in this case CSIS.

In the case of the ritual persecution of Mohamed Harkat, the advocates somehow discovered that CSIS was lying, and told the judge. Needless to say, even one case of lying removes any and all pretense that these persecutions could possibly be considered to be fair trials. How can any judge continue to rely on the good faith of CSIS once it has been caught lying even one time? The normal cross-examination and discovery of sources, which is normally used to ensure fairness, is not allowed to these defendants. They are almost completely at the mercy of the honesty of CSIS, which has been shown to have lied, and could easily lie again. This case must be thrown out, and no other case can continue which relies on secret evidence from intelligence sources. The liars at CSIS must be tried and jailed for perjury.

Of course, Bibi and his ilk run Canada, so it is unlikely that any of these things will happen. Judges and prosecutors might want to consider their reputations. Sea bathing is coming soon, and with it the end of Jewish-run Israel, the end of Islamophobia, the end of Bibi's 'war on terror', and a real back-lash to what the Jews have been up to. All the people imprisoned and persecuted will have to be released and compensated, and we will need a 'truth and reconciliation' commission to put blame where blame is due. Do judges and prosecutors want to be involved, at this late date, with illegal persecutions which are going to look terrible in a few years to everybody, and which may put them in an embarrassing position when the 'truth and reconciliation' commission does its work?
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