Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Sahara psy ops from the you-know-whos

As part of Bibi's 'war on terror', the phony psy op program created to advertise Islamophobia to allow the Jews to kill Arabs and steal their lands, 'Western' intelligence agencies - one would guess the CIA - had their pals in the Algerian security services kidnap Western tourists to make it look like there was terrorism in the Sahara. The process is now being run buy a guy named Abdelhamid Abou Zeid, a sort of Ali Mohamed character who is either operating 'rogue', or pretending to be. The recent kidnapping of the Canadian diplomats in Mali, and the murder of a British hostage, can be blamed on this bigger program. Jeremy Keenan:
". . . trouble erupted again in February 2008 when two Austrians were taken hostage. The Austrians were captured in Tunisia and taken down to Mali, a move which would be impossible unless the Algerian security forces were complicit. I was involved in the negotiations to free them, dealing with the point man for Abdelhamid Abou Zeid, who was involved in the 2003 kidnappings. He is listed on UN documents as a known al-Qa'ida member but I have seen considerable evidence which suggests that he is an Algerian DRS agent. And surprise, surprise, his name comes up again in the case of Mr Dyer.

It seems the genie is starting to escape the bottle of its own accord. What the West set up in the glory days of the war on terror seems to have spiralled out of control. The culpability for Mr Dyer's murder rests as much with Western intelligence services as with al-Qa'ida."

The first comment to this article by Andrew Johnson on the points made by Jeremy Keenan is by Fin d'Empire, who connects the disinformation program to a Mossad psy ops outfit called 'Intel Center', staffed by Jews, which is also behind the phony Osama bin Laden releases (it gets really wild when you realize that al Qaeda's Chief Information Officer is a Jew). You can see how everything circles back to Bibi.
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