Saturday, June 20, 2009

Stepping on Superman's cape causes Iranian inability to count

Last election, Ahmadinejad won with about 62% of the votes cast and nobody said anything; this election Ahmadinejad won with about 62% of the votes cast and apparently it is the most corrupt election in world history (at least according to American commentators, who should know a corrupt election when they see one). What happened? Did he start unprovoked wars? Did he steal the land of others? Did he lock people up in a cage and then slaughter them? Did he preside over great human suffering? Just what the hell did he do between the previous election and this one to make him, apparently, the most hated man on earth?

Ahmadinejad stepped on Superman's cape. He didn't deny the Holocaust, but he talked about it in an insufficiently deferential way, ignoring the iron-clad rule that Goyim aren't allowed to say anything about the Jewish holocaust except to exclaim how terrible it was, and how unique (I hope I stressed unique enough). He didn't call for the destruction of Israel, but stated the fact that justice would eventually require democracy in that part of the world. In other words, he questioned Jewish supremacism. That's it. That's what caused the Jews to used their media assets and their stranglehold over parts of certain American intelligence agencies and assets to make a big deal out of this one election.

The essential Jewishness of this attempted coup - and real destabilization - of Iran became clear to me on reading the 'I want to believe' posting by Weiss. Jews hate Ahmadinejad because he insults them by impliedly refusing to acknowledge their superiority. Even Blankfort outs himself with this phony left-right analysis, where he even questions the orchestrated 'Western' campaign, questioning which is increasingly bizarre. The so-called American 'left' is in fact quite divided, with Blankfort's half being not leftists but conspiracists, and most of the true left siding with the editorial pages of the Wall Street Journal. We're somehow supposed to believe that this odd combination has to do with the right of Iranian women to flaunt the latest Paris fashions on the streets of Tehran.
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