Sunday, July 05, 2009

They're not subject to the laws the rest of us are

There is a sudden flurry of material on Larry Franklin, singling like a canary in anticipation of selling a book. There is still much hidden - all the good stuff - but enough to learn a few things:
  1. Since he was caught, Larry has been making his living cleaning restrooms, mopping floors, parking cars, digging trenches and cleaning cesspools. If you think that doing the will of the Jewish Billionaires by working as a Shabbas goy betraying your own country will land you on easy street, think again.
  2. Of course, it could be worse. Franklin reported to American officials that two people approached him and suggested it would be a good idea for him to disappear before the trial of the two AIPACers. Since Franklin had no competence at completely disappearing (a very difficult thing to do), and knew that the two people approaching him knew he had no such competence, Franklin took their approach, rightly, as a death threat. Franklin had five conversations with one of them, wired by the FBI, but we're told there is insufficient evidence to prosecute. Of course, everybody is sworn to keep the names secret on the basis of 'national security'.
  3. Franklin, who has ruined his life by suffering from what amounts to a terminal case of Islamophobia, seems to think the brave American officials fighting the extreme danger of Zionism - and in particular their ongoing search for 'Mega' - are a bunch of anti-Semites. Larry: "In the intelligence community you refer to Israelis as 'Izzis' and it doesn't have a pleasant connotation. They can't get away with kikes, so they say Izzis."
  4. Larry has some interesting things to say about the infamous Rome meetings (but is vague about the good stuff, and can't remember anything about the Niger documents!):
    "Ghorbanifar's plan was "to buy off a bunch of truck drivers who would shut down the main arteries in Teheran. They would block traffic for miles around."

    And then?

    "At that point, he felt he could shake the regime from the inside. . . . He could get enough people up, a critical mass, to do the deed, to overthrow the regime."

    Ghorbanifar sketched out his scenario for Franklin during a 2 a.m. meeting in his hotel lobby, Franklin said.

    He wanted $5 million. "Seed money."

    Franklin didn't like it.

    "I didn't tell him, but I thought it was amateurish and would've gotten people killed and America embarrassed. And we would be out $5 million, while he would be $5 million richer."

    As loony as it was, Franklin says some of his neoconservative colleagues back in Washington liked the idea, among them, Cheney's top national security aide, John Hannah.

    "He was wondering why I didn't support Ghorbanifar," Franklin said.

    Hannah would not discuss the affair for the record except to say he never met with Franklin to discuss it.

    Apprised of that response, Franklin stuck to his guns.

    "Oh, yes, he did," Franklin said. "It was at the Cosi restaurant near the Old Executive Office Building. I remember it in spades.""

    Note how close this is to the general strike much beloved by Juan Cole and his ilk. The recent failed coup appears to be part of a much larger Ledeen-Ghorbanifar plan that failed simply because most Iranians were happy with the guy they voted for, and were unhappy with outside interference.
  5. Speaking of a larger plan, the original Franklin-AIPACer meeting was arranged by a dangerous neocon who has flown largely under the radar named Michael Makovsky. He was in the infamous treason factory known as the Office of Special Plans, a man who had moved from the United States to Israel and had once wanted to become an Israeli diplomat. It seems the Zionists figured he could do more harm inside the American government. He is also largely responsible for this document, which is a bunch of lies about the Iranian nuclear program and seriously discusses an American or Israeli attack in Iran. As I keep saying, there is not going to be an attack on Iran, but the details of the neocon wish list are becoming clear. The recent phony coup in Iran is meant to begin the destabilization which is supposed to bloom into a full-fledged installation of the Shah in the unrest caused after the American or Israeli attack on Iran.
  6. The best line of all, showing rare insight from the addled Larry, comes from the discussion of the meeting with the guy who said he ought to 'disappear' (my emphasis in red, best line in green):
    ""It was in West Virginia. I was parking cars at the time. He came to see me at the Charles Town Race Track. He said, 'Let's go to lunch and talk about raising money for my defense.'

    "And we talked about all these rich people," Franklin continued. "But first I had to agree to a scheme...

    "I was going to go somewhere, and it was going to be arranged that I could occasionally meet my wife. It was supposed to be on a bridge."

    In Israel?

    "No," he said. "Florida."

    Who was the man who approached him?

    "Well, the guy was definitely a Zionist," Franklin said. "And he was a true believer. And like a lot of true believers, he's beyond good and evil. They're not subject to the laws the rest of us are.""

    Never forget that much of the success of the 'one-issue' guys is that they suffer from a kind of insanity, a monomania to build Anti-Assimilation-Land that means that they will do anything - anything! - to achieve their one goal. Those fighting them have to take a scorched-earth policy. The only possible cure to the problem is the end of Jewish-controlled Israel, and thus the end of even the slightest hope of Anti-Assimilation-Land.
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