Thursday, July 30, 2009

The tragedy of the Shabas Goy

Larry Franklin is apparently trying to get a Jewish publishing house to issue his memoirs, so he is Jewing up his story to the max (the comments to both links, even in the Washington Times (!), reflect the growing fury at the Jewish running of the United States). Not only is the FBI filled to the brim with anti-Semites (just think of the blurbs by Cynthia Ozick, David Mamet, and Abe Foxman!), but he was actually working for the FBI trying to infiltrate improper Zionist influence in the American government - I'm not sure how the treason of trying to put American Jews in jail will go over with the Jewish publishers - until the FBI turned the tables on him and charged him. The story makes no sense. If he was working for the FBI he had a perfect defense to the government's charges, so why then did Franklin take a plea bargain with a tremendously long sentence? Franklin seems to be mangling the time-line: he started to try to help the FBI in order to mitigate his sentence only after they caught him.

There is one good nugget in the Washington Times story (my emphasis in red; I assume he is talking about the Bush Administration - which neocon is it?):

"Former FBI counterintelligence agent and supervisor I.C. Smith said anti-Semitism in pursuing Israeli spying was "not my experience" during a lengthy career in the FBI.

"There was a great deal of frustration within the FBI in dealing with the Israelis," Mr. Smith said. "In my time in the Intelligence Division [later the National Security Division], the Israelis displayed a very real arrogance and with their constant contacts on Capitol Hill, they showed a confidence that they could do just about anything they wanted to do, and they could."

He said the Pollard case, in which Israel ran a clandestine agent in the U.S. intelligence community, was "simply shameful" and not in keeping with Israel's role as a staunch U.S. ally.

In another case, Mr. Smith said, a Jewish presidential appointee was found during an FBI background check to have "very real problems" related to Israeli interests, but the White House ignored the FBI and went ahead with the appointment."

Franklin has ruined his life, and the life of his family, by a combination of having the world's worst judgment - what a moron! - and working for snakes as a Shabas Goy. His plight should be a lesson to a lot of others following the same tragic path.
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