Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Wednesday, July 29, 2009:
  1. The rehabilitation of Eliot Spitzer is helped by the fact that he seems to have been brought to the attention of the FBI by the Wall Street scum he had previously been pursuing:
    "Gawker has learned that Vanity Fair's Craig Unger and John Connolly are currently looking into the prospect that the banking and financial interests that Spitzer took on during his tenures as attorney general and governor of New York tipped off the feds to Spitzer's proclivities and launched the investigation."

    "The New York Times is also interested in how the Emperor's Club crossed the FBI's radar—the paper has filed a request in federal court to compel the Department of Justice to release its applications for wiretap warrants in the case, which have so far remained under seal. The application, and other sealed documents the Times has been trying to lay hands on, might shed light on how the investigation got started, and the Times has argued that it wants to see the documents because "because the public has a legitimate and understandable interest in reviewing and monitoring the decisions made by the Government in determining to pursue this case, which involved at least one high-level public figure, and then to not seek charges against any clients." A federal judge sided with the paper in February and the government appealed; the case went to the Second Circuit Court of Appeals last month and a decision could come at any moment."

    This might play out well: Spitzer has a need to be a crusader, and the United States has a need to see a lot of Wall Street executives - did anyone say Goldman Sachs? - in jail.
  2. The Jews embarrass Carleton University, again.
  3. "Regardless of the details of the case - I am not familiar with the precise charges and the evidence - you would never see the FBI and police behaving that way with Muslim sheikhs or Christian priests. It is so obvious that the whole thing is motivated by anti-Semitism." No need for details or facts - just pull out the slur. The details are that there are no perp walks for other religious leaders because other religious leaders don't act like the leaders of organized crime gangs. Note the important Shas connection (and note from the comments how fed up Israelis are with these scum). This wasn't just crime - it was political. As a large part of the intent was to fund illegal settlements, these defendants should be prosecuted under the Patriot Act, as terrorists.
  4. The real scandal, apparently:
    "Rabbi Dweck delivered a very emotional sermon in which he strongly denounced the phenomenon of a Jew informing on other Jews, said that he is also a victim in this saga together with Klal Yisroel, and asked for prayers from the entire Jewish community for his terrible suffering."

  5. Jean Bricmont on the 'responsibility to protect' scam - much beloved by tools or Empire like Michael Ignatieff and Samantha Power - more white man's burden.

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