Friday, July 03, 2009

Whoops, we did it again

From the Toronto Star (my emphasis in red):
"A Federal Court judge said revelations that Canada's spy service mishandled evidence in the terrorism case of a Syrian refugee is of "great concern to the court" and could affect the outcome of the case.

The Canadian Security Intelligence Service admitted it failed to disclose evidence that a confidential informant was "deceptive" when answering questions. A second source cited in the government's case against Hassan Almrei was not subjected to a lie-detector test, contrary to what the agency had claimed in court documents.

The disclosures were outlined in two letters written by Federal Court Justice Richard Mosley and obtained by the Star earlier this week. They come just weeks after an Ottawa judge criticized CSIS for omitted evidence in a separate terrorism case, prompting an internal CSIS investigation.

Lorne Waldman, Almrei's lawyer, began closing submissions yesterday arguing the mistakes are an abuse of process and that the case must be thrown out.

Since the proceedings are held partly in private and sources are not subjected to cross-examination, Waldman argued the court has to "rely on assurances by CSIS" that the information is accurate. The blunders amount to a "patter of consistent non-compliance," he said, and throws into question eight years of previous court decision based on faulty evidence."

This is exactly the same sort of obstruction of justice/perjury/contempt of court stunt that CSIS pulled in the Harkat case. Since the entire system is predicated on scrupulous honesty by CSIS - a poor replacement for the protections provided to everybody who hasn't fallen into Bibi's 'war on terror' - and CSIS is now providing evidence of a consistent pattern of deception, all the security certificates have to be thrown out.

Isn't it time to prepare for the end of the 'war on terror'? After all, the sole purpose for the 'war on terror' is to allow Jews to steal land. Even the CIA is predicting the end of Jew-controlled Israel within the next decade or so, and once Jew-controlled Israel is gone Jews will no longer have an opportunity to steal land and thus will have no more need for Bibi's 'war on terror'. The rest of us should throw off our chains now.
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