Sunday, August 02, 2009

The apotheosis of capitalism

One of the problems of capitalism, at least from the point of view of the capitalists, is that you have to take risks in order to make really, really big gains - you can make good money just by having a big pile of capital, but 'good money' is never good enough - and if you take risks you might lose. Obama-finance - first employed by Jewish economists in Russia, until they turned the entire wealth of the country over to the Jewish oligarchs (the main reason why Putin is still so popular is that he got some of it back), and now employed by exactly the same (! - it is lucky they can find work in the United States, for they'd be lynched of they returned to Russia) Jewish economists in the United States - takes care of the problem. If you take massive risks and lose, Obama gives you taxpayer money to make up the difference and keep you solvent-ish. If you take massive risks and win, Obama gives you taxpayer money to fund the massive bonuses - bonuses are now the main trick through which capitalism works - for your 'skill' at taking such massive risks. It is as if you go to a casino and the casino manager agrees to let you keep all your winnings, but refunds all your losses (and the casino is itself funded with tax dollars). Of course, as there is never any downside to taking more and more massive risks, more and more massive risks are taken. You can see where this is going.
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