Sunday, August 30, 2009

Boycotting TIFF

The Toronto International Film Festival has become the world's biggest film festival for Hollywood deal-makers largely due to the obsequiousness of its promoters to Hollywood big-wigs. Of course, 'Hollywood' means 'Jews', so the only surprise about honoring Tel Aviv is that they haven't gotten around to it sooner. This is part of the new Israeli-government branding efforts to make the bloodthirsty monsters look somewhat less bloodthirsty (look, we have beaches!), a fact denied by the TIFF promoters, a lie caught by John Greyson in his excellent letter (note also the Canwest money, and the insightful quote: "the only city in the west without Arab residents"; see also the earlier Greyson boycott letter) Greyson is explicit in tying his boycott to Gaza (more Post-Gaza Syndrome; note how the planners of the festival thought they would be safe until they were blindsided by Gaza). Greyson's noble effort is part of the awakening of the progressive world to the fact that not only was the Gaza slaughter an unpardonable outrage, but the fangs of Israel are going to continue to demand ever greater sacrifices until the Israelis are sea-bathing and a Jewish state is no more. Of course, the official position is still two-state, however silly that may be.
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