Sunday, August 16, 2009

Could it be?

A comment from 'bob - canada' to a Jerusalem Post article on yet another shyster:
"the swiss have defrauded the usa gouverment big time. they helped 52000 americans evade taxes by parking their monney offshore or in accounts in switzerland. first the us wanted to know all their names. then the swiss came up with a clever idee.they called in the israel ambassador in bern they ask for an immediat stop of all construction in the west bank and east jerusalem.that helped to ease the pressure on them now they have to disclose ounly 5000 accounts."

The USB tax lawsuit was settled in August, on terms as bob describes, after a late July complaint by Switzerland over the construction of settlements in the occupied territories. To be fair, Switzerland has consistently taken a moral position with respect to the Middle East, almost unique in Europe.
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