Monday, August 31, 2009

MJ's poison from you-know-where

The particular drug that allegedly killed Michael Jackson, Propofol, came from Israel. No big conspiracy there, unless you consider the weird actions of Jackson's doctor. Why was he so unprepared for what happened? Why did he waste invaluable time trying to revive Jackson? Had Jackson been immediately taken to the hospital he might very well have survived. The irony seems to be that the doctor didn't want Jackson to go to the hospital for there the doctors would have discovered just what he was prescribing Jackson. It appears that the drug administered to Jackson didn't act like all the other doses the doctor had administered, almost as if it wasn't the usual stuff, causing the doctor to be shocked at the result and to react medically inappropriately. Could it be that the banksters who wanted to off MJ had used their Israeli pals to send a hot dose of Propofol, one much stronger than usual, one strong enough to kill? One such dose buried in a box would eventually make it to the top and be used, at a random time, with no way of tracing it back to the banksters.
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