Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Sent to be caught

From Israelnationalnews.com:
"The three Americans who were arrested in Iran last week are Jewish. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said Monday that the U.S. is concerned about the current status of the three. Their whereabouts are not currently known.

Kurdish authorities identified the three Americans as Shane Bauer, Sarah Shourd, and Joshua Fattal. All three are journalists, and were arrested after crossing the border from Iraq to Iran."

From Almanar.com:
"Having concealed their Judaism is doubtful and suggests they were on a mission of spying for the Israeli Mossad in particular.

As a journalist, Meckfessel claims that he and his comrades had come from Syria, through Turkey to the region of Kurdistan in Iraq known as 'Ahmad Awwa' to 'visit stunning natural beauty and the waterfalls' without being aware that it lies on the border with Iran: 'There is no (tour guide), Lonely Planet in Iraqi Kurdistan, and Ahmed Awa was not on the map we had planned to,' he wrote in a communique broadcast on several Internet news sites, including The Nation, New American Media and Mother Jones, where he worked as a freelancer.

Moreover, the assertions of this journalist contradict the statements of the tourism police in the region of Iraqi Kurdistan. It shall have met the three Americans and have warned of their proximity to the Iranian border, BBC reported. 'The tourism police in the region had asked them not to climb mountains because the Iranian border was very close,' said Bechro Ahmad, the spokesman of the security of Iraqi Kurdistan, and concludes that 'they crossed the border, despite warnings.'"

For connoisseurs of Jewish humor, here is the laughable explanation of the guy who stayed behind, Shon Meckfessel, conveniently the victim of a six-hour cold which kept him out of harm's way while the others walked into a trap:
"In late July the four of us decided to travel from Damascus, Syria to Iraqi Kurdistan for a short vacation. Sarah had to return to work in a week. While going there might seem strange to Americans, the Kurdish territory is actually very beautiful and quite safe. Since the Kurds gained autonomy in 1992, no American has ever been harmed there. The city of Sulaimania is increasingly popular with tourists, and a friend of ours told us it was the most beautiful area he'd ever seen.

We arrived in Sulaimania the night of July 29 and stayed at the Hotel Miwan. Walking around town the next day, we asked a number of people - taxi drivers, hotel staff and people on the street - for good places to experience the mountainous terrain in the area. Every one of them told us to visit a place called Ahmed Awa. Not one of these people mentioned that Ahmed Awa was anywhere near the Iranian border. In fact, on the wall of our hotel there were three photos of tourists standing near the Ahmed Awa waterfall.

Ahmed Awa seemed the clear choice for appreciating the stunning natural beauty around Sulaimania, far from any sort of risk. However, it may have been unclear to the people who encouraged us to visit Ahmed Awa that we intended to go hiking in the area, rather than simply visiting the waterfall.

There is no Lonely Planet Iraqi Kurdistan, and Ahmed Awa was not on the map we'd printed out. My sense - wrongly as it turns out - was that Ahmed Awa lay northwest of Sulaimania, in the direction of Dokan Lake (and Dokan Resort), another scenic area we'd considered visiting during our trip through Kurdistan. On the evening of July 30, Josh, Shane and Sarah set out for Ahmed Awa with the plan to camp out. I stayed behind at our hotel because I was coming down with a cold and wanted a night to recuperate. We agreed to meet up the next day near Ahmed Awa. I purchased an Iraqi SIM card for my cell phone to make sure we could find each other the next day (providing the area had a signal, which very luckily it did)."

Remember how the Israelis sent their own troops into Lebanon to serve as the pretext for the slaughter of the Lebanese? This looks like exactly the same thing. They picked American Jews for this hiking trip. It is unlikely that the three who crossed the border were even aware that they were being sent with the express purpose of their handlers of being caught. Suddenly, the Israelis have cleverly created yet another element of tension between the Americans and the Iranians, as the three were Americans (see how much trouble dual loyalty can get you into!). I suspect that the relative lack of insanity in the American response reflects the fact that the Americans know that they have again been set up by an Israeli intelligence operation.
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