Thursday, August 06, 2009

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Thursday, August 6, 2009:
  1. Jewish Billionaire Garth Drabinsky was sentenced to seven years. Some of the stories produced by the prosecutors of how he and his partner stiffed any and all creditors were hilarious, in a sick way (with the mass of evidence, how long will the slur be enough to prevent people realizing there is a Jewish propensity to this kind of behavior?). Drabinsky made exactly the same mistake as Conrad Black: you can spend a lifetime screwing over Canadians and if you are rich enough the Canadian courts and legal system will look the other way. Screw some big American financiers and its off to the hoosegow with you. Note how they are already playing the 'gimp card' - we'll certainly soon be finding out how many relatives he lost in the 1940s - and I doubt he'll actually spend a minute in jail.
  2. A judge in Ottawa determined that bribery in aid of getting elected is legal in Canada. He had to set aside the testimony of two separate people, each with no motive to lie and with no connections between them, plus ignore a mass of supporting circumstantial evidence. He must be so proud to go down in history as the judge who ruined democracy in Canada.
  3. Long conspiracy-filled tale of the murder of Dr David Kelly (the title is misleading for this article, though I'm sure the murder was by some official part of the British government).
  4. Republic of Kenya Birth Certificate Generator (it works!). The 'Birther' crap only has traction because Obama has been a miserable disappointment so far.
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