Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Wednesday. August 26, 2009

Wednesday. August 26, 2009:
  1. They get you at both ends.
  2. Frank discussions of the abuses at the other end are leading to Swedish talk about 'freedom of speech' and Israeli talk about boycotts. Oh, the ironies! 'Freedom of speech' is supposed to be used to denigrate Muslims so Jews can kill them and steal their land, and boycotts are bad, aren't they?
  3. Juan 'Langley' Cole, the world's expert in fraudulent elections, is finally getting around to a sideways mention of possible vote fraud in Afghanistan, where the recent election may in fact go down as the most fraudulent of all time. "We should at least include a few for Dr. Abdullah, don't you think?" (forgive the link to the revolting Star writer, but she had the quote)
  4. Sad story from Gaza. More.
  5. Good, but hopeless, letter against creeping (well, bounding) Judeo-fascism in Canada. Scott Reid represents one of the most hillbilly ridings in Canada, and will shred the letter.
  6. Epic win.
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