Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Whitest man's burden

It is traditional for banksters to make impossibly high loans to Third World countries, the proceeds of which are promptly stolen by the local oligarchs. As there is no money to pay back the loans, the IMF shows up, and imposes various 'austerity' programs, i.e., starvation of the poorest, and the destruction of the few social welfare programs that exist, all in order to meet the only important objective, repaying the banksters (who knew all along exactly what was going to happen, and how they would be repaid).

That system worked, and works, well for banksters lending to countries where the skin of the poor people is not white. What happens when it applies to places like Latvia and Iceland, where the whitest-of-the-white live? The amount of looted money is so high in comparison to the population that the money can literally never be repaid, or even close. Is the world ready to treat white people in the same way it habitually has treated non-white people? Will the banksters be repaid with the skins of the people of Iceland? If places like Iceland and Latvia simply refuse to pay (and Iceland has already effectively made that decision), will that set a precedent for the Third World?
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