Friday, September 25, 2009


1000? Do the math. Calculate the number of organ transplants done in Israel on Jews during the relevant period. Add the number of transplants done on Israeli Jews in American hospitals (set up by the organ stealing rabbis). Subtract the number of organs donated by Israeli Jews (practically zero). The resulting number will be the number of stolen organs.

The most politically incorrect thesis of this blog is that the vast majority of those who self-identify as Jews approve of Anti-Assimilation Land, and whatever is being done to advance it. Most Jewish people who are disgusted by it have assimilated, and no longer self-identify as Jews. Lenny was healthy enough to perform. He just couldn't help himself. The tribal drums - or more likely a shofar - called him. It is this tribalism which makes the ruminations of the lite Zionists worse than useless. They just like talking about themselves, and celebrating how their superiority will save Israel and the world. In fact, the only thing which will save the Jews from complete moral bankruptcy is the end of Jewish-run Israel.
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