Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Linguistic slaughter space

President Ahmadinejad has been pushing the envelope on the Jewish holocaust, never actually denying it (despite what the Jews and their media will tell you), but mocking the entire Jewish holocaust apparatus and its vile uses. This goes over like a lead balloon in the thoroughly indoctrinated West, but receives standing ovations from the rest of the world. The standard White-man's position is that Ahmadinejad is an evil fool, handing the Israelis the propaganda they need to commit another act of genocide, but of course the Jews need no excuse for genocide (and the impolite revelations out of Russia demonstrate that all the 'Iran talk' out of Israel is hot air, just as all military dictatorships talk up war for domestic consumption).

A Martian coming to earth hearing people talk about the Jewish holocaust, and all the accompanying baggage, would think that we've all gone stark raving mad, which is exactly what was supposed to happen. The Jew-controlled media and entertainment industry created a White-man's religion out of the Jewish holocaust. Most importantly, it created an exclusive Jewish linguistic space, an area that only Jews are allowed to research and discuss (this is what President Ahmadinejad is discussing, what Juan 'Langley' Cole calls a 'bizarre claim'; note how Cole, the great scholar, has to admit that he felt his chill and nausea, and wrote up his entire attack, before he actually saw the speech he wrote about!). The point of creating this space was to expand it by constant use of the 'anti-Semite' slur to include the actions of the Jewish state, and to make all such actions outside the realm of comment or even notice by anyone who is not Jewish (because some Jews object to genocide, brutality and mass slaughter, we now have the bizarre phenomenon of the 'self-hating' Jew, something else for my Martian to ponder, slack-jawed).

This insane treatment of one aspect of almost ancient history was intended to create a cordon sanitaire around Jewish actions, as the Jewish planners of Anti-Assimilation Land knew that the crimes they would be committing would create revulsion in most people, and they needed a way to stop complaints in their tracks. Their scheme has been very successful, falling apart only just recently under the enormous weight of Jewish crimes in Lebanon and Gaza and the ongoing mass brutality against the Palestinian people. President Ahmadinejad is no fool; he is reclaiming the right of moral and decent people to criticize and stop horrific acts, no matter who commits these acts, and no matter what linguistic space for mass crimes has been created through misuse of the Jewish holocaust.
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