Wednesday, September 30, 2009

State guest

From the Jerusalem Post (sic for the scare quotes around war crimes; my emphasis in red):
"After a tense day that included intensive consultations between the foreign ministries in Jerusalem and London, a British court on Tuesday rejected a petition urging an arrest warrant for Defense Minister Ehud Barak on the grounds that he committed "war crimes" during the IDF offensive in the Gaza Strip earlier this year.

The court accepted arguments submitted by the British Foreign Office, which said the defense minister was a state guest, and therefore was not subject to such lawsuits. Barak was in Britain for talks with Prime Minister Gordon Brown, Defense Secretary Bob Ainsworth and Foreign Secretary David Miliband."

So presumably those Israeli war criminals who are not 'state guests' would be subject to be guests of the British penal system. Since nearly all adult Jewish Israelis have been in the IDF, and the IDF does nothing but commit war crimes and crimes against humanity, it would be prudent for all adult Jewish Israelis to avoid travel to Britain or any other state that recognizes international law (anyone who had anything to do with the Gaza slaughter is already permanently ruined). It is going to be increasingly difficult to be a Jewish Israeli, and the rate of difficulty is just starting to accelerate. Wise people would be leaving Israel now.
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