Wednesday, September 09, 2009

They snatch them here, they snatch them there

The most recent Jewish organ snatching story, really a continuation of the rabbi Levi Rosenbaum story. Connecting the American Jewish organ trading story with the Israeli story caused some to start slurring vigorously, on the basis that there was no reason for the connection and that it made the story a Jewish, rather than Israeli, story, thus leading to thoughts of the so-called blood libel. Of course, if the good rabbi was harvesting primarily for transplantation into Jews, or even into Israelis on some program of transplant tourism, the connection becomes obvious, and the new blood libel is no longer a libel due to it being true. The original story makes it completely clear that once a kidney was found, it was tested and the test results sent to Israel so someone needing a transplant could be found. Dr. Mustafa Khayatti, the head of the Algerian national committee for the development of health and research, says that there "are other Jewish gangs who remain active in several Arab countries". If we look deeply enough, will we find that the entire illegal international organ snatching trade is dominated by Jewish gangs? If so, will we even be permitted to notice?
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