Monday, November 30, 2009

Will she have to convert?

Chelsea joins the Tribe (American high politics is exactly like the marriages of medieval royalty). Will she have to convert? The fiance's parents were both in Congress, with the father a particular piece of work, having failed in an insanity defense at his fraud trial. Apparently, the first try at this arranged marriage - I assume the Tribe bought Chelsea when they bought Hillary, a two for one deal (a lot of haggling involved; maybe they also got the right to build settlements) - didn't take.

September 11 - September 17

By analyzing the Official Story on September 11 from the Pentagon and the FAA (released on September 11 and in the few subsequent days), and as revised in a White House meeting (on September 17), John Farmer, a senior Counsel for the 9/11 Commission, has determined, based on newly available transcripts from the FAA and NORAD, that the White House rewrote the Official Story to make it seem that Cheney was actually involved in the events. Both Wolfowitz and Cheney outright lied about the possibility of shooting down Flight 93.

Cheney in fact has a number of stories about his involvement, ranging from none to a lot, depending on the audience and the circumstances, and since he has never been examined under oath, cross-examined, or even asked a slightly tough question by a 'journalist', he is able to keep all his stories in play. The White House was, in this case, utterly out of the loop, and wrote itself into the story to appeal to the right-wingers who were looking for a manly response to danger from Cheney.

Farmer's analysis completely wrecks Peter Dale Scott's writings on September 11 which depend on Cheney's stories. Scott editing a book with David Ray Griffin - like Einstein editing a book with Homer Simpson - reflects the deplorable state of conspiracy theory in the United States today (you get the conspiracy theory you deserve).

Farmer's analysis is probably conclusive as far as the White House's role in creating lies about September 11 on September 17. Unfortunately, Farmer takes the Pentagon's September 11 story as being completely true. The Pentagon's September 11 story would have been created well before September 11 as part of the conspiracy planning. It takes considerable skill to derail the automatic defense systems of NORAD in a way which can be made to appear to be the result of total bungling and not design (the FAA's immediate sanitizing of the record by destroying the air traffic control tapes is an example of the preplanned details of creating and supporting a lie). There is no reason to take the FAA and NORAD transcripts at face value (although they would have reflected what the conspiracy planners wanted Americans to believe). They were just part of the creation of the larger lie, a lie which had to be altered to make the White House look relevant.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

The demon-haunted blogosphere

From Brian in the comments, a rare bit of sanity on the big oil/big business propaganda campaign which the Bloggers For Exxon like to call 'Climategate'. It is not clear to me that this was a computer hack - the documents seem to have been gathered by somebody on the inside (and the computer hack story created to protect the thief). I imagine some oily fellow from the Big Business Interests found a disgruntled employee and offered a multiple of his or her annual salary for a collection of internal documents, knowing that any such documents can be spun into debunking propaganda.

Let's make no mistake, this is an organized Big Business campaign. It is no coincidence that the 'hack' was revealed just before Copenhagen. It is no coincidence that the same crew behind all the other extreme right-wing propaganda campaigns is at it again. Copenhagen never had much chance, but Exxon and its fellow travellers wanted to make sure nothing at all would come out of it.

We're moving rather rapidly into a Dark Age, and the blogosphere has a lot to do with it. Somewhere along the line it was decided that the conspiracies, which traditionally involved politics and economics and race and religion, extended to scientific conclusions themselves. The idea that science rests on 'theories' has created the crazed idea, based on no more than a pun, that science and anti-science are of equal intellectual validity. Thus, for example, the destruction of science education through such means as treating creationism as the equal of science (and of course the destruction of science education is accelerating the coming of the Dark Age).

There are other factors involved. Americans have made a number of horrible choices involving Wars For The Jews and their economy, and see their Empire sinking fast. Initiatives to restrict human activity that is causing climate change, connected with the source of the Empire's power, energy, are perceived as attacks on the existing power structure and thus attacks on American power. Similarly, the same efforts create the uncomfortable feeling among the rich and powerful that the existing social order, with them on top, will be altered. Thus, they turn the media over to attacks on science in an effort to put a stop to change.

Perhaps the most important factor is the selfishness which is the spirit of the age, a selfishness associated with the entitled baby boomer generation. This selfishness is coupled with anti-science and the free rider problem to create a monster. We see it with the anti-vaccination nutters. Due to the fact that epidemics have largely been eliminated in the first world, in large part through mass vaccination campaigns, they have the luxury of taking the free ride and refusing to inoculate their children while wallowing in anti-scientific nonsense. If a real epidemic shows up, watch them fight through the line to be first for the inoculations! They are just selfish and stupid and self-obsessed.

Americans, selfish and stupid and self-obsessed to the extreme, and living in a temperate environment, don't feel threatened by climate change, and of course feel no empathy for other people or for future generations. They thus will look for any excuse to prevent progressive change - we see the exact same phenomena in the silly American health care debate - and in a country with debased science education pseudo-scientific attacks on the scientific consensus are not a surprise. Of course, the joke is on the Americans. Other countries are already improving their economic efficiency by learning how to manufacture with less energy. These countries will be the new first world. Many Americans have bought into cheap real estate developments along coastal plains, and many more have decided to live in deserts made habitable only by air conditioning and exhausting the water supplies, supplies which are going to disappear even more quickly with human-caused climate change. The first change that the selfish and foolish boomers will notice is a rapid increase in property insurance rates, as insurance companies will start to charge for the losses caused by climate change. These insurance price increases will work their way through the entire economy, raising the prices of everything. There is no free ride from head-in-the-sand stupidity.

I am personally bothered by the intellectual deterioration in conspiracy theory. The Bloggers For Exxon are making fools of themselves, being dragged around by the nose by one of the most obvious Big Business propaganda campaigns I have ever seen. Climate change problems are coming fast, and everybody will soon be able to see what fools these bloggers are (perhaps I'm being charitable as I imagine a lot of them are being paid off to spread the lies). If you can believe it, many of them claim to be opposing the scientific consensus for the reason that some rich people might be able to make money off the solutions! We wouldn't want to ruin our socialist paradise!

The Dark Age is coming, and its coming due to anti-science, stupidity and selfishness. The blogosphere, touted by the geeks as being the salvation of mankind, has become a tool for Evil, and is making things worse.

Saturday, November 28, 2009


The 'truthers' can't stop mentioning that the 'nanothermite' article was 'peer reviewed' and published in a reputable physics journal. Allow me a long excerpt from a translation of a Danish newspaper article (from the debunking site Screw Loose Change; my emphasis in red):
"It created a great attention, surprise and suspicion when the Open Chemical Physics Journal in April published a scientific article on remains of nanothermite which were found in great amounts in the dust from the WTC.

One those most surprised is apparently the editor in chief of the journal. Professor Marie-Paule Pileni first heard about he article when wrote to her to ask for her professional assessment of the article’s content. The e-mail got her to immediately close the door to the journal.

“I resign as the editor in chief”, was the abrupt answer in an email to

A telephone call reveals that editor in chief Marie-Paule Pileni had never been informed that the article was going to be published in The Open Chemical Physics Journal, which is published by the journal giant Bentham Science Publishers.

They have printed the article without my permission, so when you wrote to me, I did not know that the article had appeared. I cannot accept this, and therefore I have written to Bentham that I resign from all activities with them”, explains Marie Paule Pileni, who is professor with a specialty in nanomaterials at the renowned Universite Pierre et Marie Curie in France.

She feels not only stabbed in the back, but is puzzled that the article on dust analysis following the terror attack on the U.S. on 11 September 2001 could at all have found its way to the Open Chemical Physics Journal.

“I cannot accept that this topic is published in my journal. The article has nothing to do with physical chemistry or chemical physics, and I could well believe that there is a political viewpoint behind its publication. If anyone had asked me, I would say that the article should never have been published in this journal. Period.” Concludes the former editor in chief.

The editor-in-chief’s dramatic departure gives critics additional reason to doubt the article’s conclusions, but Marie-Paule Pileni points out that because the topic lies outside her field of expertise, she cannot judge whether the article in itself is good or bad.

Nevertheless, the publication gets her to give the Open Chemical Physics Journal failing grades.

I was in fact in doubt about them before, because I had on several occasions asked about information about the journal without having heard from them. It does not appear on the list of international journals, and that is a bad sign. Now I can see that it is because it is a bad journal”, says Marie-Paule Pileni and continues:

There are no references to the Open Chemical Physics Journal in other articles. I have two colleagues who contributed to publishing an article which was not cited anyplace either. If no one reads it, it is a bad journal, and there is not use for it”, is the harsh verdict.

The professor informs us that a few years ago she was invited to be editor in chief of a journal which would open new possibilities for new researchers and because she supports the idea of open access journals where the articles are accessible to everyone, she said, “Yes” thank you.

“It is important to allow people to try and gain success, but one should not be allowed to do everything, and all this is certainly a bunch of nonsense. I try to be a serious researcher, and I will not have my name connected with this kind of thing,” concludes Marie-Paule Pileni.

The editor-in-chief’s decision is viewed as regrettable by the Danish chemist Niels Harrit, who is one of the authors to the controversial article on nanothermite in the dust from the WTC.

“It surprises me, of course, and it is regrettable, if it discredits our work. But her departure doesn’t change our conclusions, for it is a purely personnel related thing she his angry about. I still believe that we have carried out chemical physics, and if there is something wrong with our study, she is welcome to criticize us for it,” says Niels Harrit, Associate Professor at the Institute of Chemistry at the University of Copenhagen.

It is Niels Harrit’s coauthor Steven Jones who was in charge of contact to Bentham, and therefore the Danish researcher is presently not aware which responsible assistant editor the group has been communicating with.

However, he does know the names of the two researchers –so-called referees—who have reviewed he article, but he will not give their names because they ‘are in principle anonymous’.

Niels Harrit’s superior at the University of Copenhagen, Nils O. Andersen has himself participated in the pool of researchers who could be selected as editor, on an article which should be published in The Open Chemical Physics Journal. He has recently chosen to resign from the journals Editorial Advisory Board.

He informs that the decision has nothing to do with Niels Harrit’s article, and that he otherwise did not achieve having any experiences with the journals, so that he cannot shed further light on how the journal operates.

“Open access is an exciting development, and as a principle the idea should be tried out for there is no reason for the commercial publishers to earn money from our work. But professionally, the journal lay at the margin of my expertise, and as I had said No to be editor of two articles, I decided that I would not use my time on anything else.”, explains Nils O. Andersen, dean of the faculty of Natural Sciences and editor of the European Physical Journal D.

It has not yet been possible to get any comment from Bentham Science Publishers."
If you are looking for a real conspiracy, you might want to consider a conspiracy between Steven Jones and the publisher of this 'scientific journal', Bentham Science Publishers (Bentham, which appears to be based in the UAE, used post office boxes and one of its directors refused to disclose who owns it).

On Bentham Science Publishers (my emphasis in red; I note that they have since fixed their list of advisory board members to make it look less corrupt):

I enjoyed hearing about your efforts to contact Bentham Publishers. I, too, have been curious about them. I looked at to check on whether Bentham has ISI-listed journals and how they are priced. lists 14 Bentham journals, 12 are classified as "bad values" in terms of price per article and price per citation, and 2 as "medium values". It appears to me that they are an established publisher that has fallen into "bad hands".

Not only does Bentham spam for authors. They are also spamming for editors.

I have received unsolicited messages from Bentham inviting me to be an editor of the Open Journal of Education as well as the Open Journal of Economics. They also sent me an email inviting me to contribute an article to the Open Journal of Sleep.

I was particularly pleased with the following:

Based on your record of contributions in the field of Education, I would like to invite you to submit to me your CV with current list of publications so that we may consider you as a possible *Editorial Board Member* for the journal.
Since I my record in the field of Education is nil, I feel particularly well-qualified. I have never written a thing in an Education journal. I don't know whether or not to be honored to be invited to contribute to the Open Journal of Sleep.

If you look at the web page of the "Open Journal Advisory Board" you will find something remarkable. There is a list of about 40 economists who are "members of the advisory board," all but one of whose last names start with the letters A-C and only one of whom I have ever heard of. I suppose these are the top of the list of people who responded to the spam letters. What an embarrassing list to have one's name on.

The spam letters say

Bentham Science Publishers have gained a longstanding international reputation for their excellent standards and top quality science publications. Many journals published by Bentham Science Publishers have received high impact factors in their respective fields. For the current list of publications, please visit <> . Seven Nobel Laureates have endorsed a number of Bentham Science's journals; please read their quotes at <>

The quotes from Nobelists endorse a couple of journals in medicine and chemistry published by Bentham.

There is a particularly delightful touch at the bottom of the Open Economics Journal web page: "Indexed by Google, Google Scholar." Just who would be gullible enough not to notice that this means "indexed by nobody other than search engines"? Well, I can show you a list of 40 economists whose names start with the letters A-C.

Cheers, Ted"
Note that a lot of the controversy over Bentham started in the scientific community before the 'nanothermite' article was published.

Here's your 'peer review': $800.

It appears that the world-renowned physicist Niels Harrit, who couldn't think of anything to explain the results of his scientific analysis other than the presence of nanothermite, was just discovering the paint on all the steel girders used in the building.

This is a terrible embarrassment for Bentham, the 'truthers', and the poor university that has the misfortune to employ Niels Harrit.

I repeat: $800. The price of 'truth'.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Looking for a real conspiracy?

Are you tired of all the fake conspiracies on the internet? Are you weary of being manipulated by the powerful who create phony scenarios to slake your conspiracy jones in order to achieve their evil ends? Here's a possible real conspiracy to consider.

The 'truthers' aren't a very distinguished bunch. Their 'experts' are self-promoting third-raters trying to make a name for themselves while getting revenge at the 'establishment' which refuses to recognize their importance. Imagine how exited they must of have been when an undisputed world-class expert started to promote their ideas: Mr. Dwain Deets, retired Director of NASA Aerospace Projects, now a proponent of controlled demolition. Wow!

Mr Deets isn't an expert on architecture. He isn't an expert on structural engineering. He isn't an expert on controlled demolition (the world expert on controlled demolition can only shake his head at the stupidity of the 'truthers'). But he is an expert. A world-class expert. On drones.

Drones. You know, the new wave of Pentagon thinking, cheaper killing machines without the political baggage of possibly losing the lives of American soldiers. They now train more drone pilots than real pilots. The people of Pakistan and Afghanistan can tell you all about drones. Unfortunately, drones are much better at the mass slaughter of wedding parties than taking out 'terrorists', but the Pentagon doesn't care. What the generals - and the entire military-industrial complex - care about is that drones will be a multi-billion dollar defense spending boondoggle. Mr. Deets is one of the most important people in the world in getting this boondoggle started.

Scott Creighton connects Deets at the NASA Dryden Flight Research Center to the development of drones through having NASA become involved in fight research, and to the remote piloting of airplanes (see Deets' paper from 1974!). Controlled demolition forces a focus on the buildings, and not on the nature of the planes (and also, of course, distracts from the absence of normal NORAD defenses). He also wonders whether a remote-piloted Global Hawk could have been used on the Pentagon. Finally, he notes:
"On Sept. 10th 2001, Donald Rumsfeld announced $2.3 trillion dollars was “missing” from the Pentagon budget. On Sept. 11th 2001, the Pentagon suffered a direct hit… as it just so happened, that hit took place right in the offices of the accounting departments that were pouring through the records trying to find out where that money went."

Then Creighton lists the victims in the Pentagon who were military spending analysts.

In retirement, Deets touts controlled demolition. Now, I've never seen the necessity of the thesis that the September 11 planes were remote piloted, as they could have replaced the hijackers identified by the FBI with true believers who were willing to kill themselves (it would only be necessary to replace the pilots, with the others believing they were on a hijacking for ransom mission). But the Deets turn of events presents a whole new possibility (how meta - using the details of the phony conspiracy theorists to reconsider the original conspiracy based on how we are being misled, and why). You can see the multiple advantages to the military industrial complex of using remote-piloted planes on September 11:
  1. It ends the silly talk about the missing trillions in the pockets of military contractors.
  2. It kills analysts working on the problem, and sends a message to others.
  3. It provides the rationale for the multi-trillion dollar spending on the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.
  4. It advertises the usefulness of the brand new product, drones.

Of course, it would be a terrible shame if people were to catch on to this, so controlled demolition was created to distract the easily fooled.

I conclude with an excerpt from an article on a real expert, the structural engineer for the World Trade Center, Leslie E. Robertson, a man who takes the blame that the problem was in the engineering of the buildings, not some magical thermite:
"Still, it doesn't make sense to design skyscrapers to withstand the crash of an airliner - the buildings would resemble nuclear silos, and, as the chairman of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission suggested recently, even those structures might not withstand a fully fuelled airplane. Engineers can't be asked to make every building safe from every possible event, yet that is just what people expect, and the engineers try to meet these impossible expectations. Sitting in Robertson's conference room, I said that his structures had saved a lot of people. He said, "A lot of things worked well - people got out. I suppose I'm proud of that." But he was looking toward that unavoidable view from the window. "It's a tremendous responsibility, being an engineer," he said, his voice breaking. "It's a very imperfect process. It's not so beautiful as science." He struggled to keep his composure. "I have a lot of tough nights. I'm still not sleeping. I go to sleep for a little bit, but I wake up thinking - I have so many thoughts."

He put his hands over his eyes, as though that would block out the thoughts. After a minute or so, he went on, "There are all kinds of terrible things that take place on this planet, that nature brings on us. But this event had . . . Not only was it man against man but it was live on television, and we watched it, and you could reach out and touch it" - he stretched out his hand toward the windows where the towers had once stood -"but there was nothing you could do.""

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


The Bloggers for Exxon are cashing their petro-checks over something they like to call 'Climategate'. Nothing has changed. All reputable experts still hold the same theories ("The evidence for human-made climate change is overwhelming."), backed up by research over decades, and Exxon and its lackeys still beg to differ. It is early days, but I've seen few sane responses to the oily bluster. What still puzzles me is why some people don't want to notice the obvious corporate interests working against the truth (this isn't conspiracy: the conferences of 'scientists' challenging climate change theories are all funded by big oil). We really are moving into a dark age where real science is seen as just another part of the Conspiracy. You are going to continue to be disappointed if you think I am going into that dark age with you.

More quackery?

Be very careful of the story of the man 'locked in his body' for 23 years. It looks like propaganda for the 'right to life' crowd. Read Randi and the comments.


From the BBC (see also here and here and here, speculating on the target - ?; my emphasis in red):
"A trainee spy for Israel's secret service agency Mossad was arrested by Tel Aviv police while taking part in a training operation, media reports say.

The young trainee was spotted by a female passer-by as he planted a fake bomb under a vehicle in the city.

He was only able to persuade police he was a spy after being taken in by an officer for questioning on Monday.

The authorities have refused to comment on the story although Israeli media outlets have expressed their surprise.

Mossad does not tell local uniformed police about its training exercises.

The country's commercial Channel 10 said it hoped the agency's operatives were "more effective abroad", AFP news agency reported."

Again, why has this mad dog not been put down?

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Info wars

The Israeli airport intelligence operations connect directly to September 11, but not in the way that the 'truthers' would have you believe. The Jews are all about control of information (to a fault: it explains why they can't grasp the fact that they can't hide the blood dripping from their fangs with the veneer of a PR campaign and lies in the Jew-controlled media). As I've been saying here consistently and repeatedly since the beginning, it is clear that Israeli intelligence operations were all over the September 11 'terrorists' and the September 11 operation. In fact, along with dozens of other countries, they gave direct warnings to the American government that an attack was imminent. Warnings that were completely ignored by the American government (exactly what you would suspect, as the Pentagon was actively involved in planning the lifting of the normal air defenses to let the 'surprise' attack take place).

The last thing the American government wanted to hear were warnings about an attack it was working hard to facilitate. In fact, what we may have here is yet another Israeli blackmail opportunity. If the Israelis warned the American government about an attack and American officials ignored the warnings, the Israelis could obtain a lot of leverage by threatening to reveal the details of what the American government knew, and when it knew it.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Mad dogs in the airports

Israel, and Jew-controlled companies working largely for Jewish supremacist racist interests, have systematically worked their way into airport security operations all around the world, and are using their access for motives against the national motives of the countries in which the airports are sited (this type of thing was probably first noticed in the wake of September 11, where the airports involved in the attacks all had significant Jew-controlled security). I'm not singling Israel out - no other country comes even close to having this kind of operation (run by the 'dual loyalists' in each country whose only loyalty is to Jewish supremacism). Note that the Jewish operations break most modern human rights laws.

The reason? Israel perceives, correctly, that its motives run counter to the motives of all the good and decent people in the world, and therefore needs to get a leg up on everybody else by conducting extraordinary spying operations. It really comes down to the Jews on one side, and the whole world on the other. Yet another reason why Israel, out of all the countries in the world, is uniquely evil, and needs to be put down like a mad dog.

Sunday, November 22, 2009


The article by Virginia Tilley on the biggest possible mistake that could be made by the Palestinians draws the right conclusion but is fatally flawed in its analysis (mostly due to excessive political correctness).

First, the only reason Palestinian 'statehood' is being considered is the Jewish promise of shekels to the collaborators. The only reason the Palestinian politicians have not declared statehood over the archipelago is that they know the Palestinian people would hang each and every one of them for collaboration, and that hanging is much more lenient than they deserve. There are no good motives for this.

Secondly, the analysis, via 'Langley' is seriously messed up:
"In fact, the briefest consideration should instantly reveal that a unilateral declaration of statehood will confirm the Palestinians' presently impossible situation as permanent. As Mofaz predicted, a unilateral declaration will allow "final status" talks to continue. What he did not spell out is that those talks will become truly pointless because Palestinian leverage will be reduced to nothing. As Middle East historian Juan Cole recently pointed out, the last card the Palestinians can play - their real claim on the world's conscience, the only real threat they can raise to Israel's status quo of occupation and settlement - is their statelessness. The PA-Ramallah leadership has thrown away all the other cards. It has stifled popular dissent, suppressed armed resistance, handed over authority over vital matters like water to "joint committees" where Israel holds veto power, savagely attacked Hamas which insisted on threatening Israel's prerogatives, and generally done everything it can to sweeten the occupier's mood, preserve international patronage (money and protection), and solicit promised benefits (talks?) that never come. It's increasingly obvious to everyone watching from outside this scenario - and many inside it - that this was always a farce. For one thing, the Western powers do not work like the Arab regimes: when you do everything the West requires of you, you will wait in vain for favors, for the Western power then loses any benefit from dealing more with you and simply walks away."

Of course, Palestinian statehood is an extremely minor issue. The reason a bogus assertion of 'statehood' is a faulty move is that it will permanently set the Palestinian maximum - missing out on all the settlements, anything else the Jews will declare they are stealing, and the whole of Israel proper (which will otherwise inevitably fall into the lap of the Palestinians due to the stupidity caused by Jewish supremacism) - while doing nothing to fix the Israeli maximum. Palestinian bantustan 'statehood' will not force Israel to set its borders. It is the threat of forcing Israel to set its borders, and not 'statehood', which is the main card the Palestinians can play.

The Jews are terrified they will have to set their borders. Why? Anti-Assimilation Land. The Palestinians must never lose sight of the fact that they are a relatively minor blockage on the path to a planned Jewish empire from the Nile to the Euphrates (although it is the height of political incorrectness to say so, this is the plan of World Jewry). Fixed Israeli borders ruins the plan. The lite and faux lite plan is to force the Palestinians into an unviable bantustan archipelago state, and then pick away at the inhabitants of each 'island', colonizing each part as the Palestinians are forced out (the Jews don't have to be in any hurry to do this - the 'demographic problem' suddenly disappears with a Palestinian 'state' - and can simply leave the little islands to rot away for decades). As long as the borders of Israel are not set, Anti-Assimilation Land can continue to work its vile way across the Middle East. Anti-Assimilation Land is the real Achilles heel of World Jewry, and the reason why the Jews are doomed to be defeated.

Tilley is quite right in pointing out the eerie similarities between South African policy and the policies of the Jews, and quite right to caution that the Israeli protestations of displeasure at the idea of Palestinian 'statehood' are phony and a trap. In fact, the oddly relaxed attitude of Netanyahu to the seeming certainty that Israel is walking right into a one-state finale probably derives from the Jewish control over the collaborators, and Netanyahu's assumption that the collaborators will pull the Jewish chestnuts out of the fire. If the collaborators even think about setting this plan in motion, the Palestinian people will have to start buying rope, in bulk.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

More bad for the Jews

This article from Ha'aretz on Israel's relationship with younger American Jews has some unusual admissions:
". . . Israel is not a top priority, and that is evident in the decline in donations to Israel collected by the [The Jewish Federations of North America]: less that a third of the approximately $900 million donated in 2008."

"Although Sharansky the hero still receives a standing ovation, there are no longer mass demonstrations to free Soviet Jewry, and American Jews have come to terms with the 'desertion' of hundreds of thousands of Jews from the former Soviet Union to the United States; they are working energetically to integrate 'the Russians' into existing institutions so that at least they won't assimilate. Some community activists feel betrayed by the 'new yordim' - the growing community of Ethiopian Jews who have wandered from Israel to New York. 'We paid to bring you to Israel, and you fled here?' they accuse them."

Meanwhile, the British documentary demonstrating the Jewish stranglehold over British politics is throwing up some hilarious attempts at rebuttal. As usual, the Jewish damage control only makes their problem worse.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Wednesday, November, 18, 2009

Wednesday, November, 18, 2009:
  1. When the time comes and Americans decide to start lining folks up against the wall, Tim and his pals at the credit rating agencies will probably go first. I like the Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde credit raters, who said that each pile of poo bought by AIG smelt like a rose (and thus enabled AIG to buy the poo), but the sum total of all the poo in the hands of AIG smelt horrible. It almost looks like a conspiracy. The government is going to reward them for their 'incompetence'.
  2. Goldman Sachs is now officially in charge of the U. S. government, and its financial interests trump the financial interests of all American citizens.
  3. It was these shenanigans that tipped me off to the existence of the Secret War Against The Jews. Never before in human history has one big rival put its military supply lines in the hands of another. Something big is going on.
  4. As I've been saying: the attack on Iraq was a War For The Jews.
  5. The IDF detains American diplomats for four hours, something which would have been all over the American news had it been done by any other country.
  6. In the 70s, the left-ish governments in Manitoba and Ottawa tried a social experiment by providing a guaranteed annual income to the residents of a community in Manitoba. The experiment was a success. Income support plans actually save money by reducing government expenditures in things like health care and corrections. Needless to say, the right-wing governments that came into power promptly ended the experiment, and the results were buried. This kind of thing explains why 'conservative' politics is so wasteful, in every way possible.
  7. The mass-murdering militia that operates in the Democratic Republic of Congo is run out of Europe, making local efforts to stop the slaughtering impossible. European officials have turned a blind eye. It is funny how sheltering 'terrorists' can be good or bad depending on whether the terrorists are looking out for your colonial interests or not. Germany finally gets around to arresting one guy, probably because German interests aren't as involved in Central African mineral exploitation, which tends to be a battle between French and Anglo-American interests (the latter often disguised as Canadian or Australian mining companies). The French, on the other hand, up to their eyeballs in stealing minerals from the area, hide behind 'free speech'.
  8. Well, it looks like he will need a new job in three years.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

End gaming

There is something up in the Middle East. At a time when the Palestinians are on the verge of obtaining the entire country - the mainstream media keeps calling the prospects for the Middle East bleak because it is bleak for the Jews - the collaborators are threatening to accept a part of a part of a part of the total (strangely similar to the proposal of an Israeli general), evoking an angry response from the Jews, who threaten to counter by re-re-re-breaking international law (kinda funny when you think about it).

On the other had, the bloodiest of the blood-dripping-from-the-fangs crowd seem perfectly happy with managing the 'demographic problem' by airily claiming that there is no 'demographic problem' (of course, the CIA has already determined that the 'demographic problem' is real and will lead to the end of the Jewish state). Since the fangers have to know the 'demographic problem' is real and fatal to Israel, and Netanyahu is walking directly into the Israeli abyss by failing to do anything about the settlements, you really have to wonder what the Jewish end game is planned to be. How exactly are they going to get rid of all those Palestinians?

Monday, November 16, 2009


When the Israelis made up the phony seized weapons which they claimed were intercepted on the way from Iran to Hezbollah, they didn't have the latest material to do the faking, and had to use some stuff that was at least twenty years old (the third picture down - at least until they change it! - is the one that caught the Jews and their LA Times propaganda lackeys). What is striking is the pattern of sloppiness of the Israelis in everything they do. It is as if they are so confident that the Jew-controlled media will do their bidding that they don't even try any more. Or perhaps they have come to realize that no matter how many tricks they pull, they are doomed.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

The civil war in Yemen

The civil war in Yemen is starting to look like part of Wurmser's Zionist Plan for the Middle East. Part of that plan is to have the Shi'ites living over the oil fields of Saudi Arabia to rise up and deprive the Saudi royals of the oil wealth. With the Shi'ite rebels in Yemen apparently crossing the Saudi border - an odd thing to do if their beef is with the central government of Yemen, and very counterproductive, as they now have to fight the Saudis - their plans now look like part of the Zionist plans. Although Iran is being blamed for arming the rebels - on no evidence at all, I must add - this kind of convoluted stirring up of trouble is exactly what the Israelis are always doing.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Friday, November 13, 2009

The Honduran douchebags pulled a fast one on everybody.

I actually believe that there have been meetings to plan the Secret War Against The Jews. Not sitting politicians - the Jews own all the western sitting politicians. I'm thinking Elders, some big businessmen who fear the economic disruption that the building of Anti-Assimilation Land will cause, and some major cultural figures who know that the plans of the Jews will end Western Civilization. These meetings are, of course, secret. The plan is to use the Jewish weaknesses - supremacism, racism, insane need to build Anti-Assimilation Land - against them, and we are just starting to see the beginnings of the success of the plan. What I'm wondering: can Bibi actually be that dumb? Or have the legion of moral and decent people, in a moment of superb irony, bought him off? His actions are so stupid the Palestinians will have to honor him on their first stamp.

Here's just one tiny example - one of thousands and thousands - of things that people think about concerning the JFK assassination. And yet we still essentially know absolutely nothing about the lives of the 19 hijackers of September 11. Except for a little bit of work done by Daniel Hopsicker, the 19 hijackers remain no more than 19 names produced by the FBI. All I hear about is controlled demolition. What is wrong with this picture?

Hot Ziggety! Swiss cheese and rye bread!

Thursday, November 12, 2009


I think we have to take seriously the idea that the 'truthers', particularly those who obsess about controlled demolition, are part of a Pentagon disinformation campaign intended to draw attention away from the role of the American military on September 11. It is curious that it is common for those who propound controlled demolition to be vehemently opposed to the idea that the Pentagon building was hit by a cruise missile, a missile that would have been fired by the American military. Controlled demolition allows all the attention to be placed on scapegoats, in this case Jewish scapegoats, and avoids the big political picture, that September 11 was really a successful military coup d'etat.

Thomas Friedman proposes the lite wet dream that the United States withdraw from the Middle East 'peace' process and let the two sides fight it out. This after the United States has prepared a level playing field by gifting hundreds of billions of dollars of arms to the Israelis. The 'fair fight' would be eliminationist, and would allow for the creation of every Jew's dream, Anti-Assimilation Land over the corpses of millions of gentiles.

Speaking of Jewish 'dual loyalists' hard at work at tricking the always gullible Americans, Wolf Blitzer just can't stop the blood pouring from his fangs. The Jews haven't got much going for them these days, so they are laying it on thick, too thick for decent and moral people like Col. John Galligan (Ret.), who is visibly pained in encountering an insect like Wolf.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Wednesday, Novermber 11, 2009

As Canada becomes more and more fascist, Remembrance Day becomes a bigger and bigger event. I think we should bulldoze the corpses of 'the fallen' into mass graves and erect monuments to stupidity over the top.

The fascination with controlled demolition reflects the American culture of the veneration of stupidity (if we built monuments to stupidity Americans would worship there). The school system and the mass media encourage it, and we're seeing the American Empire collapse in record time as a result. I'm not really against controlled demolition as it will help lead to a faster end of the stinking American Empire. Go ahead, have your controlled demolition fantasies, fight more Wars For The Jews - as I type, Obama's Jewish advisers are figuring out how many more troops to send to Afghanistan - and watch your country turn into a failed state. More Darwin - you are selecting yourself to oblivion. As I have noted before, investigation of September 11 stalled completely years ago, while people are still coming up with new thinking on the Kennedy assassination, mostly because they are looking in the right places.

The guy who proves a connection between childhood vaccinations and autism wins an automatic Nobel Prize for Medicine. No matter how many researchers are corrupted by the pharmaceutical-industrial complex (and many are, along with all the medical journals), that is a powerful incentive to find a connection, and nobody has. What's going to happen is more Darwin - stupid parents won't have their children vaccinated and an outbreak of something like meningitis will kill a bunch of them, or leave them almost as retarded as their parents.

Do vaccines cause autism? Very unlikely, but I can't say for sure. Actually, it is the complete certainty of the autism nutters which proves their stupidity. Finding this kind of causation is extremely difficult. I think there has been a real increase in autism since the 1950s - although much of the alleged increase has been from more diagnosis and different standards of diagnosis (most autistics were formerly called 'retarded' and institutionalized, while now we let them run Microsoft). What has changed since the end of WWII? A vast increase in complex man-made organic compounds in the atmosphere (not to mention other pollutants, like heavy metals). Much of this stuff was engineered to interfere with cell development. That's where I'd be looking for a cause.

The hasbara 'arms boat'.

Mr. Fish.

Emma Thompson is a hero but I bet the Jews won't give her another acting job.

Jeffrey Goldberg walks into a door. Speaking of which, the New York Times does a rewrite when the facts don't promote more Wars For The Jews. Mr Hassan, just like Mr. Atta, is fond of alcohol and the fine art of striptease, like all pious Muslims willing to kill themselves for jihad.

A website about Harry Nilsson.

Hand art.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Glittering wastes of time

This comment by Hoarsewhisperer is right on:
"I share Xymph's view that fans of the C.D. branch of 911 Truth are uneducated, incurious and unworldly lemmings.
It doesn't matter if explosives were used because even if it could be proven that they were, the info is useless unless it helps to identify perps. A diligent investigation of the NORAD no-show could and would identify the people responsible for the no-show and they and their reasons and possible motives could then be subject to intense scrutiny. CD Truth exists purely to divide public opinion sufficiently to dilute interest in an investigation of the failure of NORAD on the one and only occasion since its creation that a true emergency took place. It's just TOO MUCH of a coincidence.
Another reason explosives don't matter is that the planes were the trigger.
i.e. no planes = no excuse to set off the explosives - real or imaginary."

I think that it was Peter Dale Scott who noted that all the effort spent on the single-bullet theory was wasted, as the answer would not advance the problem of solving the real political issue. The role of NORAD as the intentionally-failed protector is the key to understanding September 11 and its intended aftermath (people are just now noting that the Wars For The Jews allowed by the September 11 attacks have permanently wrecked the American economy), and oddly one that could easily be answered, if only there was the political will. There are a number of people towards the bottom of the power pyramid - jet pilots, mechanics, air traffic controllers - who could shed considerable light on the conspiracy, if only somebody in power to compel answers - and provide some protection for honesty - would ask. About 99% of the 'truthers' efforts are wasted in useless 'investigations' of controlled demolition. Even if you conclusively proved controlled demolition - which you can't - you would not be one step ahead in understanding the real problem. The Zionists are quite happy to watch people spin their wheels on this lumpen anti-Semitism - for controlled demolition is usually connected to some alleged Jewish financial plot involving Larry Silverstein - as long as they don't look too deeply into the role of the 'war on terror' in fooling Americans into advancing Zionist goals.


Iran, for all its bluster, is being remarkably coy with respect to the United States. Although it was obviously primarily an American attack, the Iranians made a big show out of blaming Britain and France for the attempted coup after the recent Iranian elections. Similarly, the terrorist attack in the south of Iran by a terrorist group funded by the United States was loudly blamed on Pakistan. Now the three Zionist 'hikers' have been charged with spying (or not) and I would expect to see the same kind of approach, with the lives of the spies bargained for a better relationship with the Americans. The Iranian-American rapprochement is part of the Secret War Against The Jews, a war which can't possibly be won fast enough.

Monday, November 09, 2009

Alternative intelligence

The poster girl for the danger of flu shots has made a miraculous recovery due to . . . alternative medicine. Or there was never anything physically wrong with her in the first place. You be the judge.

There is something 'Darwinian' about the nutters. Eventually enough of them will fail to vaccinate their children, there will be mini epidemics, and their genes will die out.

Sunday, November 08, 2009

Like John Woo in Texas

If you listen, you can actually hear the wheels spinning at the Pentagon. A lone-nut gunman at Fort Hood who happens to be a Muslim lets the generals hop on Bibi's bandwagon and blame it on those horrible Islamofascists (thus priming the path for more Wars For The Jews). On the other hand, three gunmen, the other two in Army fatigues, equals a conspiracy, no doubt bigger than just the three of them (Hasan was a psychiatrist who would have been talking to a lot of soldiers psychologically harmed by fighting immoral wars), and represents the beginning of a revolt within the military against the Wars For The Jews, reminiscent of the war Afghanistan isn't supposed to be compared to, Vietnam, and the 'fragging' of officers that occurred when that war lost the support of the grunts. In order to sell the lie, the Pentagon has to cover up a lot of inconsistencies, and bluster its way through the tall tale that Hasan by himself managed to kill and wound an enormous number of people, using two handguns while under returning fire, just like something out of a Quentin Tarantino movie (which Tarantino stole from Hong Kong gangster movies made by people like John Woo). You know, flying through the air to dodge the returning fire while holding a gun in each hand at wild angles and firing with extreme accuracy at the same time in different directions, never wasting a shot, dropping and popping in new magazines like a magician.


With the death by embarrassment of the old Collaborator-In-Chief, the new Collaborator-In-Chief presents his latest marching orders from Tel Aviv, much to the delight of the lites. It is interesting to watch the interplay between the maximalist eleminationist Jews, who want the entire Anti-Assimilation-Land, now, and the lites, who fear the One State so much they are prepared to wait a few years. Tel Aviv obviously wants a Palestinian declaration as a pretext for the final Final Solution, the complete annihilation of all the Palestinians in a war sold as defensive protection for the helpless settlers trapped within the borders of the new Palestinian state. I can already see the corrupt Jew-controlled American media building up the story of all those poor settlers at the mercies of the new Nazis.

Friday, November 06, 2009

The Jewish Final Solution

This comment by LudolfVieken is spot on. The Israelis went out of their way to use weapons - white phosphorous, DIME, depleted uranium, etc. - and methods of attack - human shields, bombing houses and schools, blowing up buildings they had instructed Palestinians to take shelter in, etc, - that were genocidal in intent (and the poisoning and environmental destruction were directed at causing birth defects, miscarriages, etc., thus continuing the destruction). This is the start of their 'Final Solution' to the 'demographic problem'. Then they went out of their way to decimate the economy in Gaza by systematically destroying factories, something which doesn't even fall under their bogus reason of stopping the rockets (which, of course, had already stopped). They are preparing for the one-state solution by using genocide and economic warfare to ensure that the Palestinians will be in the minority. The process will continue - I guarantee it (and do you really want to hear me tell you 'I told you so' when the next Jewish atrocity occurs?) - with increasing gruesomeness, until the world puts a stop to it by eliminating the Jewish-dominated state in the Middle East. Since the atrocities are inevitable, why not stop them now?

Give that man a contract

The US military, supposedly the most powerful in the world, is getting its ass kicked by a bunch of peasants up and down the width and breadth of Afghanistan. A US military psychiatrist, armed with only two hand guns, and under returning fire, manages to kill twelve people and wound thirty-one. I know they'll want to hang him, but if they sent him to Afghanistan he could replace half the US Army.

Hell hath no fury like a collaborator scorned. Whatever other effect the Goldstone report has - and it has at least permanently opened up most national courts to prosecutions of Israeli war criminals, making the planning of future wars of great personal risk to the soldiers and officers and technical legal apologists - its finest moment may be the de-Abbasing of the Palestinians, and, more importantly, the official recognition by all Palestinians that they are negotiating for a one-state solution.

Via the Angry Arab:
"The Israelis have been difficult, as always: whenever Mitchell raises East Jerusalem in talks with the Israeli Foreign Minister, the Israeli stands up and walks out of the room."

I suppose he could just stick his fingers in his ears and yell 'la, la, la, la, la, I can't hear you'.

Wednesday, November 04, 2009


  1. They are not trying to kill us all.
  2. They are not trying to cause mass brain damage. Given recent voting trends, mass brain damage has already occurred. Any more would be superfluous.
  3. There are tiny amounts of toxic chemicals in the commercially available vaccines. There is absolutely no evidence they cause any problem, and the reason they aren't replaced is that the vaccine makers know that the vaccine nuts would then focus on something else.
  4. The new flu isn't particularly dangerous. Many, many, many more people will die this flu season from the old boring flu.
  5. The vaccine they are giving out isn't effective for the new flu (!). Shades of the Tamiflu scandal.
  6. This is just another case of the same old scam, a combination of profiteers trying to make money and bureaucrats trying to gain power. The same scams that sell weapons and lead to wars. A useless vaccine makes a pile of profit for some immoral corporations, and some semi-useless public health authorities get to look important for a few weeks. That is all. When it appeared that people were reluctant to fall for the scam, the controlled media suddenly found some shaky cases of people allegedly dead from the new flu, and the vaccination lines started forming (and the incompetent public health authorities - and believe me, public health authorities are always incompetent - couldn't supply enough vaccine!). At the same time, the controlled 'alternative' media came up with even shakier stories of people allegedly killed or injured as a result of taking vaccines. Fucking nonsense everywhere (and don't get me going on the autism freaks).

It won't kill you to be vaccinated, but it also won't do you any good. The most interesting question about mass vaccination is the interplay between public health and the new world where everybody is a libertarian - 'I'm all right Jack' - looking out only for Number One. Mass vaccination works to prevent epidemics, but doesn't necessarily provide any tangible benefit for any individual person. In a world where there is no such thing as 'society' but just a bunch of selfish individuals, what do you do when everybody wants to be a free rider, and won't assume even the tiniest risk for the greater good?

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

No freeze

As we all know, Hillary sold her soul to the devils in return for a shot at the presidency. In return for her immortal soul she got Mark Penn, which seems like a horrible deal until you consider how much her soul might be worth.

Both the lites and the newly fashionable 'anti-Semite' American nationalists are in a frenzy over Hil's public fellation of Bibi. Although I'm sure it escapes Hillary, the 'new' - or old - American position on the settlements is just another part of the Secret War Against The Jews. Jewish control over American politics and media is so powerful that even the President of the United States has to use some ninja moves to look out for the interests of Americans. Thus the lite plan - presumably from Rahm - to trade a freezing of the settlements, and the imposition of borders around those settlements, for an imposed statelet on the Palestinians. The lites are patient enough to wait for such a state to fail, as it obviously would in a decade or two, when Israel can again free itself from the anti-Semitic imposition of national borders and continue to build Anti-Assimilation Land from the Nile to the Euphrates.

But it was not good enough for the blood-dripping-from-the-fangs crowd, who arrogantly figured they so controlled the Americans that they could have it all without having to wait for the imposed Palestinian statelet to fail. By giving Bibi all he wanted, the Americans are using massive Jewish power against World Jewry. No freeze means no imposed statelet - the ultimate disaster for the Palestinians - and the universal world-wide disgust of moral and decent people against the predations of the Jews can continue to build, culminating in Israel and its citizens being treated as universal outlaws, and the end of a Jewish state in the Middle East within ten years.

The lites can see the writing on the wall, which explains the J-Street conference ('Liteapalooza'), which typically turned into a contest of which group could out-Jew the others. The lites want exactly what the blood-dripping-from-the-fangs crowd wants, but slightly slower, to continue to fool the gentiles into complacency. They want to see IDF soldiers crushing the skulls of Palestinians babies with the soles of their boots, but they want an infinitesimally softer sole on the boots (and the debate at the conference led to their abandoning even the softer soles, for fear of being labelled 'self-haters'). The inability of supremacists to be able to understand themselves will be the downfall of the Jewish Empire, just as it has been the downfall of all other supremacist groups (and I feel no danger in tipping the Jews off to the Secret War Against The Jews as their supremacism makes them completely incapable of comprehending it).

Monday, November 02, 2009

Unsolved murders

For a bit of fun, note the second item in the 'Defamer' Hollywood gossip column. Also note the discussion here and here. The actors have to be from the Dennis Hopper/Peter Fonda/James Caan generation for the timing to fit (a lot of the actors from this generation were weird, wild, and very violent; you have to wonder at the timing of this item from 2007 being repeated). If the clues are fair this is a solvable riddle: find a producer matching the characteristics (time of death; wife; one child) and cross reference his producing credits to the acting credits of one of the actors in this group (all of whom were in westerns). You could also probably track recent unusual real estate transactions concerning the producer's estate.

This reminds me of the case of Jean Spangler.

Sunday, November 01, 2009

Timothy Hampton murdered

A second autopsy has determined that Timothy Hampton was indeed murdered, probably by being thrown off the building. This is almost certainly part of the Jewish reaction to the Secret War Against the Jews, part of which is bringing Iran into the anti-Jew coalition, a move necessary to protect human civilization from Zionism.

Saving American secrets from the Jews

The usual suspects have been unusually quiet about the Nozette espionage case. This one scares them, and they don't want to make it any more notorious than it already is. It wouldn't surprise me if Tel Aviv hasn't issued a gag order to the Dual Loyalists producing hasbara for the American market. The reason (my emphasis in red)?:
"Because he knows so many secrets, including about the nation's nuclear missile program, Attorney General Eric Holder has ordered special communications restrictions placed on him while he's in jail, authorities said.

"The defendant is himself a walking safe deposit box of classified information," said prosecutor Anthony Asuncion. "He is now a treasure trove of some of our most sensitive matters."

During the hearing, Asuncion played video excerpts of an undercover sting operation against Nozette in which the scientist lounges on a hotel room couch, discussing the possibility of having to flee the country if he comes under scrutiny from U.S. officials.

Nozette looked starkly different as he sat in court Thursday. Wearing baggy, black-and-white striped jail clothes, he stared passively as the screen showed him eating and laughing with the undercover agent.

Asuncion said Nozette told the agent he had passed classified information to Israel in the past. Nozette is not charged with doing so.

"He told the agent that he had indeed communicated classified information," Asuncion said. "He had admitted to the agent actual espionage."

Nozette's lawyer, John Kiyonaga, said there was no basis for that accusation, and noted the government's charges don't contain any such allegations. He also argued the video recordings were misleading because they left out significant parts of a longer conversation."

The obvious points:
  1. Nozette knows so much that the American government is terrified he will spill more to the Israelis, necessitating the weird communications restrictions.
  2. The American government is making a big deal out of the fact that this was a sting operation with no actual secrets passed to Israel. This is not because Nozette didn't pass secrets to Israel, but because they know he did. It is pure politics: the Justice Department knows that if they make this another Israeli spying case, AIPAC will be all over Congress and the Obama Administration and another prosecution will be ruined by Lobby Power. Thus, they contrive the sting scenario in order to protect vital American secrets from the Jews. It is utterly bizarre: the American government, the most powerful government in the world, in order to preserve itself has to tie itself in knots to protect itself from Jewish domination.
  3. Is Nozette's lawyer working for Nozette, or for Israel? His comments are protective of Israel, not Nozette. I wonder who is paying him.