Sunday, November 22, 2009


The article by Virginia Tilley on the biggest possible mistake that could be made by the Palestinians draws the right conclusion but is fatally flawed in its analysis (mostly due to excessive political correctness).

First, the only reason Palestinian 'statehood' is being considered is the Jewish promise of shekels to the collaborators. The only reason the Palestinian politicians have not declared statehood over the archipelago is that they know the Palestinian people would hang each and every one of them for collaboration, and that hanging is much more lenient than they deserve. There are no good motives for this.

Secondly, the analysis, via 'Langley' is seriously messed up:
"In fact, the briefest consideration should instantly reveal that a unilateral declaration of statehood will confirm the Palestinians' presently impossible situation as permanent. As Mofaz predicted, a unilateral declaration will allow "final status" talks to continue. What he did not spell out is that those talks will become truly pointless because Palestinian leverage will be reduced to nothing. As Middle East historian Juan Cole recently pointed out, the last card the Palestinians can play - their real claim on the world's conscience, the only real threat they can raise to Israel's status quo of occupation and settlement - is their statelessness. The PA-Ramallah leadership has thrown away all the other cards. It has stifled popular dissent, suppressed armed resistance, handed over authority over vital matters like water to "joint committees" where Israel holds veto power, savagely attacked Hamas which insisted on threatening Israel's prerogatives, and generally done everything it can to sweeten the occupier's mood, preserve international patronage (money and protection), and solicit promised benefits (talks?) that never come. It's increasingly obvious to everyone watching from outside this scenario - and many inside it - that this was always a farce. For one thing, the Western powers do not work like the Arab regimes: when you do everything the West requires of you, you will wait in vain for favors, for the Western power then loses any benefit from dealing more with you and simply walks away."

Of course, Palestinian statehood is an extremely minor issue. The reason a bogus assertion of 'statehood' is a faulty move is that it will permanently set the Palestinian maximum - missing out on all the settlements, anything else the Jews will declare they are stealing, and the whole of Israel proper (which will otherwise inevitably fall into the lap of the Palestinians due to the stupidity caused by Jewish supremacism) - while doing nothing to fix the Israeli maximum. Palestinian bantustan 'statehood' will not force Israel to set its borders. It is the threat of forcing Israel to set its borders, and not 'statehood', which is the main card the Palestinians can play.

The Jews are terrified they will have to set their borders. Why? Anti-Assimilation Land. The Palestinians must never lose sight of the fact that they are a relatively minor blockage on the path to a planned Jewish empire from the Nile to the Euphrates (although it is the height of political incorrectness to say so, this is the plan of World Jewry). Fixed Israeli borders ruins the plan. The lite and faux lite plan is to force the Palestinians into an unviable bantustan archipelago state, and then pick away at the inhabitants of each 'island', colonizing each part as the Palestinians are forced out (the Jews don't have to be in any hurry to do this - the 'demographic problem' suddenly disappears with a Palestinian 'state' - and can simply leave the little islands to rot away for decades). As long as the borders of Israel are not set, Anti-Assimilation Land can continue to work its vile way across the Middle East. Anti-Assimilation Land is the real Achilles heel of World Jewry, and the reason why the Jews are doomed to be defeated.

Tilley is quite right in pointing out the eerie similarities between South African policy and the policies of the Jews, and quite right to caution that the Israeli protestations of displeasure at the idea of Palestinian 'statehood' are phony and a trap. In fact, the oddly relaxed attitude of Netanyahu to the seeming certainty that Israel is walking right into a one-state finale probably derives from the Jewish control over the collaborators, and Netanyahu's assumption that the collaborators will pull the Jewish chestnuts out of the fire. If the collaborators even think about setting this plan in motion, the Palestinian people will have to start buying rope, in bulk.
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