Tuesday, November 17, 2009

End gaming

There is something up in the Middle East. At a time when the Palestinians are on the verge of obtaining the entire country - the mainstream media keeps calling the prospects for the Middle East bleak because it is bleak for the Jews - the collaborators are threatening to accept a part of a part of a part of the total (strangely similar to the proposal of an Israeli general), evoking an angry response from the Jews, who threaten to counter by re-re-re-breaking international law (kinda funny when you think about it).

On the other had, the bloodiest of the blood-dripping-from-the-fangs crowd seem perfectly happy with managing the 'demographic problem' by airily claiming that there is no 'demographic problem' (of course, the CIA has already determined that the 'demographic problem' is real and will lead to the end of the Jewish state). Since the fangers have to know the 'demographic problem' is real and fatal to Israel, and Netanyahu is walking directly into the Israeli abyss by failing to do anything about the settlements, you really have to wonder what the Jewish end game is planned to be. How exactly are they going to get rid of all those Palestinians?
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