Wednesday, November 04, 2009


  1. They are not trying to kill us all.
  2. They are not trying to cause mass brain damage. Given recent voting trends, mass brain damage has already occurred. Any more would be superfluous.
  3. There are tiny amounts of toxic chemicals in the commercially available vaccines. There is absolutely no evidence they cause any problem, and the reason they aren't replaced is that the vaccine makers know that the vaccine nuts would then focus on something else.
  4. The new flu isn't particularly dangerous. Many, many, many more people will die this flu season from the old boring flu.
  5. The vaccine they are giving out isn't effective for the new flu (!). Shades of the Tamiflu scandal.
  6. This is just another case of the same old scam, a combination of profiteers trying to make money and bureaucrats trying to gain power. The same scams that sell weapons and lead to wars. A useless vaccine makes a pile of profit for some immoral corporations, and some semi-useless public health authorities get to look important for a few weeks. That is all. When it appeared that people were reluctant to fall for the scam, the controlled media suddenly found some shaky cases of people allegedly dead from the new flu, and the vaccination lines started forming (and the incompetent public health authorities - and believe me, public health authorities are always incompetent - couldn't supply enough vaccine!). At the same time, the controlled 'alternative' media came up with even shakier stories of people allegedly killed or injured as a result of taking vaccines. Fucking nonsense everywhere (and don't get me going on the autism freaks).

It won't kill you to be vaccinated, but it also won't do you any good. The most interesting question about mass vaccination is the interplay between public health and the new world where everybody is a libertarian - 'I'm all right Jack' - looking out only for Number One. Mass vaccination works to prevent epidemics, but doesn't necessarily provide any tangible benefit for any individual person. In a world where there is no such thing as 'society' but just a bunch of selfish individuals, what do you do when everybody wants to be a free rider, and won't assume even the tiniest risk for the greater good?
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