Friday, November 06, 2009

Give that man a contract

The US military, supposedly the most powerful in the world, is getting its ass kicked by a bunch of peasants up and down the width and breadth of Afghanistan. A US military psychiatrist, armed with only two hand guns, and under returning fire, manages to kill twelve people and wound thirty-one. I know they'll want to hang him, but if they sent him to Afghanistan he could replace half the US Army.

Hell hath no fury like a collaborator scorned. Whatever other effect the Goldstone report has - and it has at least permanently opened up most national courts to prosecutions of Israeli war criminals, making the planning of future wars of great personal risk to the soldiers and officers and technical legal apologists - its finest moment may be the de-Abbasing of the Palestinians, and, more importantly, the official recognition by all Palestinians that they are negotiating for a one-state solution.

Via the Angry Arab:
"The Israelis have been difficult, as always: whenever Mitchell raises East Jerusalem in talks with the Israeli Foreign Minister, the Israeli stands up and walks out of the room."

I suppose he could just stick his fingers in his ears and yell 'la, la, la, la, la, I can't hear you'.
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