Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Info wars

The Israeli airport intelligence operations connect directly to September 11, but not in the way that the 'truthers' would have you believe. The Jews are all about control of information (to a fault: it explains why they can't grasp the fact that they can't hide the blood dripping from their fangs with the veneer of a PR campaign and lies in the Jew-controlled media). As I've been saying here consistently and repeatedly since the beginning, it is clear that Israeli intelligence operations were all over the September 11 'terrorists' and the September 11 operation. In fact, along with dozens of other countries, they gave direct warnings to the American government that an attack was imminent. Warnings that were completely ignored by the American government (exactly what you would suspect, as the Pentagon was actively involved in planning the lifting of the normal air defenses to let the 'surprise' attack take place).

The last thing the American government wanted to hear were warnings about an attack it was working hard to facilitate. In fact, what we may have here is yet another Israeli blackmail opportunity. If the Israelis warned the American government about an attack and American officials ignored the warnings, the Israelis could obtain a lot of leverage by threatening to reveal the details of what the American government knew, and when it knew it.
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