Sunday, November 08, 2009

Like John Woo in Texas

If you listen, you can actually hear the wheels spinning at the Pentagon. A lone-nut gunman at Fort Hood who happens to be a Muslim lets the generals hop on Bibi's bandwagon and blame it on those horrible Islamofascists (thus priming the path for more Wars For The Jews). On the other hand, three gunmen, the other two in Army fatigues, equals a conspiracy, no doubt bigger than just the three of them (Hasan was a psychiatrist who would have been talking to a lot of soldiers psychologically harmed by fighting immoral wars), and represents the beginning of a revolt within the military against the Wars For The Jews, reminiscent of the war Afghanistan isn't supposed to be compared to, Vietnam, and the 'fragging' of officers that occurred when that war lost the support of the grunts. In order to sell the lie, the Pentagon has to cover up a lot of inconsistencies, and bluster its way through the tall tale that Hasan by himself managed to kill and wound an enormous number of people, using two handguns while under returning fire, just like something out of a Quentin Tarantino movie (which Tarantino stole from Hong Kong gangster movies made by people like John Woo). You know, flying through the air to dodge the returning fire while holding a gun in each hand at wild angles and firing with extreme accuracy at the same time in different directions, never wasting a shot, dropping and popping in new magazines like a magician.
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