Monday, November 23, 2009

Mad dogs in the airports

Israel, and Jew-controlled companies working largely for Jewish supremacist racist interests, have systematically worked their way into airport security operations all around the world, and are using their access for motives against the national motives of the countries in which the airports are sited (this type of thing was probably first noticed in the wake of September 11, where the airports involved in the attacks all had significant Jew-controlled security). I'm not singling Israel out - no other country comes even close to having this kind of operation (run by the 'dual loyalists' in each country whose only loyalty is to Jewish supremacism). Note that the Jewish operations break most modern human rights laws.

The reason? Israel perceives, correctly, that its motives run counter to the motives of all the good and decent people in the world, and therefore needs to get a leg up on everybody else by conducting extraordinary spying operations. It really comes down to the Jews on one side, and the whole world on the other. Yet another reason why Israel, out of all the countries in the world, is uniquely evil, and needs to be put down like a mad dog.
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