Thursday, November 19, 2009

More bad for the Jews

This article from Ha'aretz on Israel's relationship with younger American Jews has some unusual admissions:
". . . Israel is not a top priority, and that is evident in the decline in donations to Israel collected by the [The Jewish Federations of North America]: less that a third of the approximately $900 million donated in 2008."

"Although Sharansky the hero still receives a standing ovation, there are no longer mass demonstrations to free Soviet Jewry, and American Jews have come to terms with the 'desertion' of hundreds of thousands of Jews from the former Soviet Union to the United States; they are working energetically to integrate 'the Russians' into existing institutions so that at least they won't assimilate. Some community activists feel betrayed by the 'new yordim' - the growing community of Ethiopian Jews who have wandered from Israel to New York. 'We paid to bring you to Israel, and you fled here?' they accuse them."

Meanwhile, the British documentary demonstrating the Jewish stranglehold over British politics is throwing up some hilarious attempts at rebuttal. As usual, the Jewish damage control only makes their problem worse.
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