Sunday, November 01, 2009

Saving American secrets from the Jews

The usual suspects have been unusually quiet about the Nozette espionage case. This one scares them, and they don't want to make it any more notorious than it already is. It wouldn't surprise me if Tel Aviv hasn't issued a gag order to the Dual Loyalists producing hasbara for the American market. The reason (my emphasis in red)?:
"Because he knows so many secrets, including about the nation's nuclear missile program, Attorney General Eric Holder has ordered special communications restrictions placed on him while he's in jail, authorities said.

"The defendant is himself a walking safe deposit box of classified information," said prosecutor Anthony Asuncion. "He is now a treasure trove of some of our most sensitive matters."

During the hearing, Asuncion played video excerpts of an undercover sting operation against Nozette in which the scientist lounges on a hotel room couch, discussing the possibility of having to flee the country if he comes under scrutiny from U.S. officials.

Nozette looked starkly different as he sat in court Thursday. Wearing baggy, black-and-white striped jail clothes, he stared passively as the screen showed him eating and laughing with the undercover agent.

Asuncion said Nozette told the agent he had passed classified information to Israel in the past. Nozette is not charged with doing so.

"He told the agent that he had indeed communicated classified information," Asuncion said. "He had admitted to the agent actual espionage."

Nozette's lawyer, John Kiyonaga, said there was no basis for that accusation, and noted the government's charges don't contain any such allegations. He also argued the video recordings were misleading because they left out significant parts of a longer conversation."

The obvious points:
  1. Nozette knows so much that the American government is terrified he will spill more to the Israelis, necessitating the weird communications restrictions.
  2. The American government is making a big deal out of the fact that this was a sting operation with no actual secrets passed to Israel. This is not because Nozette didn't pass secrets to Israel, but because they know he did. It is pure politics: the Justice Department knows that if they make this another Israeli spying case, AIPAC will be all over Congress and the Obama Administration and another prosecution will be ruined by Lobby Power. Thus, they contrive the sting scenario in order to protect vital American secrets from the Jews. It is utterly bizarre: the American government, the most powerful government in the world, in order to preserve itself has to tie itself in knots to protect itself from Jewish domination.
  3. Is Nozette's lawyer working for Nozette, or for Israel? His comments are protective of Israel, not Nozette. I wonder who is paying him.
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