Monday, November 30, 2009

September 11 - September 17

By analyzing the Official Story on September 11 from the Pentagon and the FAA (released on September 11 and in the few subsequent days), and as revised in a White House meeting (on September 17), John Farmer, a senior Counsel for the 9/11 Commission, has determined, based on newly available transcripts from the FAA and NORAD, that the White House rewrote the Official Story to make it seem that Cheney was actually involved in the events. Both Wolfowitz and Cheney outright lied about the possibility of shooting down Flight 93.

Cheney in fact has a number of stories about his involvement, ranging from none to a lot, depending on the audience and the circumstances, and since he has never been examined under oath, cross-examined, or even asked a slightly tough question by a 'journalist', he is able to keep all his stories in play. The White House was, in this case, utterly out of the loop, and wrote itself into the story to appeal to the right-wingers who were looking for a manly response to danger from Cheney.

Farmer's analysis completely wrecks Peter Dale Scott's writings on September 11 which depend on Cheney's stories. Scott editing a book with David Ray Griffin - like Einstein editing a book with Homer Simpson - reflects the deplorable state of conspiracy theory in the United States today (you get the conspiracy theory you deserve).

Farmer's analysis is probably conclusive as far as the White House's role in creating lies about September 11 on September 17. Unfortunately, Farmer takes the Pentagon's September 11 story as being completely true. The Pentagon's September 11 story would have been created well before September 11 as part of the conspiracy planning. It takes considerable skill to derail the automatic defense systems of NORAD in a way which can be made to appear to be the result of total bungling and not design (the FAA's immediate sanitizing of the record by destroying the air traffic control tapes is an example of the preplanned details of creating and supporting a lie). There is no reason to take the FAA and NORAD transcripts at face value (although they would have reflected what the conspiracy planners wanted Americans to believe). They were just part of the creation of the larger lie, a lie which had to be altered to make the White House look relevant.
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