Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Wednesday, November, 18, 2009

Wednesday, November, 18, 2009:
  1. When the time comes and Americans decide to start lining folks up against the wall, Tim and his pals at the credit rating agencies will probably go first. I like the Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde credit raters, who said that each pile of poo bought by AIG smelt like a rose (and thus enabled AIG to buy the poo), but the sum total of all the poo in the hands of AIG smelt horrible. It almost looks like a conspiracy. The government is going to reward them for their 'incompetence'.
  2. Goldman Sachs is now officially in charge of the U. S. government, and its financial interests trump the financial interests of all American citizens.
  3. It was these shenanigans that tipped me off to the existence of the Secret War Against The Jews. Never before in human history has one big rival put its military supply lines in the hands of another. Something big is going on.
  4. As I've been saying: the attack on Iraq was a War For The Jews.
  5. The IDF detains American diplomats for four hours, something which would have been all over the American news had it been done by any other country.
  6. In the 70s, the left-ish governments in Manitoba and Ottawa tried a social experiment by providing a guaranteed annual income to the residents of a community in Manitoba. The experiment was a success. Income support plans actually save money by reducing government expenditures in things like health care and corrections. Needless to say, the right-wing governments that came into power promptly ended the experiment, and the results were buried. This kind of thing explains why 'conservative' politics is so wasteful, in every way possible.
  7. The mass-murdering militia that operates in the Democratic Republic of Congo is run out of Europe, making local efforts to stop the slaughtering impossible. European officials have turned a blind eye. It is funny how sheltering 'terrorists' can be good or bad depending on whether the terrorists are looking out for your colonial interests or not. Germany finally gets around to arresting one guy, probably because German interests aren't as involved in Central African mineral exploitation, which tends to be a battle between French and Anglo-American interests (the latter often disguised as Canadian or Australian mining companies). The French, on the other hand, up to their eyeballs in stealing minerals from the area, hide behind 'free speech'.
  8. Well, it looks like he will need a new job in three years.
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