Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Wednesday, Novermber 11, 2009

As Canada becomes more and more fascist, Remembrance Day becomes a bigger and bigger event. I think we should bulldoze the corpses of 'the fallen' into mass graves and erect monuments to stupidity over the top.

The fascination with controlled demolition reflects the American culture of the veneration of stupidity (if we built monuments to stupidity Americans would worship there). The school system and the mass media encourage it, and we're seeing the American Empire collapse in record time as a result. I'm not really against controlled demolition as it will help lead to a faster end of the stinking American Empire. Go ahead, have your controlled demolition fantasies, fight more Wars For The Jews - as I type, Obama's Jewish advisers are figuring out how many more troops to send to Afghanistan - and watch your country turn into a failed state. More Darwin - you are selecting yourself to oblivion. As I have noted before, investigation of September 11 stalled completely years ago, while people are still coming up with new thinking on the Kennedy assassination, mostly because they are looking in the right places.

The guy who proves a connection between childhood vaccinations and autism wins an automatic Nobel Prize for Medicine. No matter how many researchers are corrupted by the pharmaceutical-industrial complex (and many are, along with all the medical journals), that is a powerful incentive to find a connection, and nobody has. What's going to happen is more Darwin - stupid parents won't have their children vaccinated and an outbreak of something like meningitis will kill a bunch of them, or leave them almost as retarded as their parents.

Do vaccines cause autism? Very unlikely, but I can't say for sure. Actually, it is the complete certainty of the autism nutters which proves their stupidity. Finding this kind of causation is extremely difficult. I think there has been a real increase in autism since the 1950s - although much of the alleged increase has been from more diagnosis and different standards of diagnosis (most autistics were formerly called 'retarded' and institutionalized, while now we let them run Microsoft). What has changed since the end of WWII? A vast increase in complex man-made organic compounds in the atmosphere (not to mention other pollutants, like heavy metals). Much of this stuff was engineered to interfere with cell development. That's where I'd be looking for a cause.

The hasbara 'arms boat'.

Mr. Fish.

Emma Thompson is a hero but I bet the Jews won't give her another acting job.

Jeffrey Goldberg walks into a door. Speaking of which, the New York Times does a rewrite when the facts don't promote more Wars For The Jews. Mr Hassan, just like Mr. Atta, is fond of alcohol and the fine art of striptease, like all pious Muslims willing to kill themselves for jihad.

A website about Harry Nilsson.

Hand art.
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