Thursday, December 24, 2009

Five countries

Jeffrey Sachs (my emphasis in red):
"For me, the image that remains of Copenhagen is of Mr. Obama appearing at a press conference to announce an agreement that only five countries had seen, then rushing off to the airport to fly home and avoid a snowstorm back home. He has taken on a grave responsibility in history. If his action proves unworthy, if the voluntary commitments of the United States and others prove insufficient and if future negotiations are derailed, it will have been Mr. Obama who single-handedly traded in international law for big-power politics on climate change.

Perhaps the UN will rally itself to get better organized. Perhaps Mr. Obama's gambit will work, the U.S. Senate will pass legislation and other countries will do their part. Or perhaps we have just witnessed a serious step toward global ruin through our failure to co-operate on a complex and difficult challenge that requires patience, expertise, goodwill and respect for international law – all of which were in short supply in Copenhagen"

Just to get in front of the obvious comments - I know it is Sachs, but you still have to ask yourself: is what he is saying true? It is. Obama showed up late, and imposed a five country 'agreement' on the rest of the world which made a mockery of the conference.
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