Friday, December 11, 2009

Friday, December 11, 2009

From the popbitch email:
"Many of the protesters arrested at the G20 riots
this year have had their bail dates set for mid-
December, the same time as Copenhagen. Coincidence?"

Of course, the 'Climategate' 'Truthers' don't have that problem, as they have come directly from one of their teabagging parties.


On Juan 'Langley' Cole:
"Juan Cole is an expert on the Middle East. He knows Arabic and Farsi and probably a handful of other languages. He knows more about the Arabic and Islamic world than most Arabs and Muslims can hope to learn in a lifetime. But he supports the empire. I have attended one of his lectures in which he said he was not against the war on Iraq in principle but he only disagreed with the way the Bush administration (at the time) was carrying it out. Here he wishes Israel a happy 60th birthday:
I'll continue to read his blog and plan to read his new book because he knows his stuff. But politically, a pair of Iraqi shoes have done more for the cause than all of Juan Cole's writings combined"

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