Monday, December 28, 2009

Monday, December 28, 2009

The left is always unappealingly desperate to find friends in odd places (I'm reminded that Naomi Klein thinks that the Iraqi religious leaders are anti-globalist followers of Naomi Klein). A particularly hilarious example from Lenin's Tomb contained this howler:
"The characterisation of the Iranian movement in those terms was false in several ways. For a start, notwithstanding the 'confessions' issuing from various protesters tortured by the basiji, there is no evidence of any US involvement in the 'Green' movement."

I just had to laugh (and we're just talking about the publicly admitted support, not the black ops).

Stephen Lendman on some particular examples of Jewish thievery. These issues will all be dealt with when the shitty little country is under democratic majority rule.

Some dual loyalists in Europe are attacking Hamas in a Belgian court, relying expressly on Goldstone. The Israelis are cheering the new Euro-AIPAC - note how they don't shy away from celebrating dual loyalty - but I can see how this initiative will backfire.

Air Gates.
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