Sunday, December 20, 2009

Sunday, December 20, 2009

The Canadian government has gone completely bat-shit Zionist insane, effectively accusing all major Canadian Christian churches of being anti-Semitic, by ending 35 years of funding for their charity KAIROS for the reason - stated by the infamous Jason Kenney - that it took a leadership role in BDS movement against Israel. Related: "Will Harper criminalize criticism of Israel?"

Also from Dobbin: "The Ugly Canadian".

Bangladesh's disappearing island.

President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's speech at Copenhagen (unfortunately I can't find a non-CIA source for this speech). Hugo Chávez' speech at Copenhagen. The Chinese tried to lead the rest of the world at Copenhagen, at least until Obama swept in and imposed a non-agreement on everybody (with the American press putting the entire blame for the failure of a real agreement on China!). China needs to work on its propaganda skills.

Not the sharpest knife in the drawer: "CIA Requests Its Own Documents From Author":
"The documents requested from Albarelli centered on two subjects. The first top-secret CIA document details a meeting between an official of the Sandoz Chemical Company and an undercover CIA operator. The document reveals a close relationship between the firm and the agency, and provides stunning details about a mysterious 1951 outbreak of “insanity” in a small French town, Pont St. Esprit. In a covert experiment, the village was surreptitiously administered the powerful hallucinogen LSD in an attempt to see if there was a viable method of waging war without killing people or destroying property. A related document appears to reveal that famed LSD inventor, Albert Hoffmann, maintained a close relationship with the CIA.

The second document requested reveals intelligence links between one of the criminals who murdered Frank Olson and the assassination of JFK, including a possible working relationship with suspected assassin Lee Harvey Oswald. About seven years ago, after an Internet article by Albarelli, an agency official requested that Albarelli send the CIA a copy of a top-secret report from the CIA’s Robert Lashbrook to Dr. Sidney Gottlieb, director of its Chemical Division. The document concerned a Pentagon and CIA cover-up of the 1953 death of a patient at the New York Psychiatric Institute. That patient, Harold Blauer, was killed by an injection of drugs administered under a covert CIA contract."
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