Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

One of the alterna-theories to the fact that the American attack on the innocent civilians of Afghanistan is a War For The Jews actually directed at Pakistan is that the attack is intended to allow American corporate development of a gas pipeline through Afghanistan. Ha!!!

Speaking of which, it looks like he is good for at least an additional two Purple Hearts. I hope the Jews are grateful.

Speaking of which, American analysts are tying themselves into knots trying to understand the psychology/sociopathy of Joe Lieberman. It is simple: he is a Jew. World Jewry feels that Obama is Bad For The Jews, and a decent health care bill would ensure that Obama is reelected. Thus, the Head Jew sent Joe to sabotage the process.

Direct action.

Internationally wanted war criminals.

The famous Jew 'Porn Sex Video', presumably named after the family trade.

The most recent spin is that Goldman Sachs bankers aren't carrying.

A Skull & Bones Party?

Holiday news from Germany (a very Southern U. S. sounding story):
"The fight took place in the western city of Aachen when a 74-year-old man and a 35-year-old woman both laid claim to a shopping trolley on Saturday.

As the pensioner wrestled the cart from the hands of his rival, her 24-year-old brother stepped forward and floored him with a punch.

Together with their 53-year-old mother, the brother and sister then took the trolley into the supermarket. But the OAP came round and followed them to the cheese counter.

He clubbed the younger man with a salami as his mother tried to fend him off with a sharp 4lbs piece of Parmesan.

The pensioner then pushed the woman down on to a glass countertop on which she cracked her head.

Police arrived to break up the melee. Two of those involved were treated in hospital for minor injuries.

The trolley was undamaged.

A police spokesman said a sudden rush of shoppers on the last-but-one Saturday before Christmas had depleted the supermarket's trolley reserves and "raised tensions" between the would-be customers."
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