Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Tuesday, December 9, 2009

Everybody's making fun of Dubai - and not the idiot bankers who lent the money - but I don't get it. The Saudi princes take the oil money and head for France, where they spend it all on gambling and whoring (if any is left over, they spend it on useless American weapons). The leaders of Dubai decided to create a tourist destination which would outlast the oil money. At the end of the day (and oil), the Saudis will be left with a few casino chips and some colorful venereal diseases, while Dubai will still have all the buildings and infrastructure bought with the money.

Sarah Palin, pied piper of the 'Climategate' 'Truthers'. You must be so proud.

Big Oil makes annual profits larger than any group of corporations has ever made in human history. Cutting supply without allowing them to reap the windfall profits will put an end to that. Billions of profits, gone. A few million dollars - less than pocket change - artfully spread here and there is enough to completely fool the Conspiracy-Industrial Complex. Any greenwashing expert could tell you how to do it.

Obama had to wait to go to China so he could find out how many troops the Chinese would fund to go to Afghanistan. All the time he waited he had Dennis Ross on his back, screaming in his ear for more troops for the Wars For The Jews. The only way out for the Chinese will be to convert those increasingly worthless dollars - thanks to those very Wars For The Jews - into semi-worthless hard assets, and then send the guards to ensure the local masses don't try to steal anything. The first picture says it all.

The cathouse on C Street is still up to its old tricks.

American taxpayers fund a charity which pays money to Israeli troops who are imprisoned for disobeying orders to evacuate illegal settlements - assuming they can find any such imprisoned soldiers! - and even pays a bounty to Israeli soldiers for shooting Palestinians.

The always hilarious Dersh on Knox. Americans are outraged, but all juries know that innocent people don't give a variety of untrue alibis, and especially don't give an untrue alibi which results in an innocent man being arrested. Add a little DNA and a bratty defendant, and a conviction is entirely reasonable.

Amazing Japanese crash.
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