Thursday, December 30, 2010

Wired and the Pentagon

Predictable utterly non-responsive response of Wired to Greenwald's criticisms, consisting of some personal attacks on Greenwald - but I did enjoy the anti-Semitic reference to the fact that Greenwald couldn't understand that he might not expect an instantaneous response to his Christmas email (it is just another day, right?) - and nothing on the substance of what Greenwald wrote.  Greenwald's response.  Of course, if Wired released all the logs it might show it was involved in a conspiracy with the American government, and that wouldn't look too good.  Wired depends on Pentagon assistance for all those DARPA publicity articles it produces, which is probably all you need to know to understand what is going on.

The smoke, the noise, the speed!

"Wikileaks Rest in Peace" The funny thing is that even with its deliberate rate of cable releasing Wikileaks still releases more information of importance each day than John Young, for all his noble efforts, has released in his lifetime. Young is starting to sound like the guy who owned a fleet of horse-drawn carriages whining about the dangers of the internal combustion engine.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Another bad magazine

Remember when Mother Jones, which bills itself as a 'progressive' magazine, did a hit piece on Rachel Corrie?  Well, they're at it again, with a semi-subtle attack on Hamas, one which, as has been pointed out, is another hasbara blaming of the victims, as if a few exaggerated acts by Hamas justify the massive Jewish crimes against humanity. It is hilarious that Mother Jones is now begging for money to support a 'progressive' magazine.  Your money would be more likely to advance progressive causes if you gave it to your local chapter of the KKK.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Wired, earning its pay

Yet more evidence that Wired is just a U. S. intelligence asset (as is all the mainstream media, but not always so clumsily):
"For more than six months, Wired's Senior Editor Kevin Poulsen has possessed - but refuses to publish - the key evidence in one of the year's most significant political stories:  the arrest of U.S. Army PFC Bradley Manning for allegedly acting as WikiLeaks' source. In late May, Adrian Lamo - at the same time he was working with the FBI as a government informant against Manning - gave Poulsen what he purported to be the full chat logs between Manning and Lamo in which the Army Private allegedly confessed to having been the source for the various cables, documents and video that WikiLeaks released throughout this year. In interviews with me in June, both Poulsen and Lamo confirmed that Lamo placed no substantive restrictions on Poulsen with regard to the chat logs:  Wired was and remains free to publish the logs in their entirety.

Despite that, on June 10, Wired published what it said was only "about 25 percent" of those logs, excerpts that it hand-picked. For the last six months, Poulsen has not only steadfastly refused to release any further excerpts, but worse, has refused to answer questions about what those logs do and do not contain. This is easily one of the worst journalistic disgraces of the year:  it is just inconceivable that someone who claims to be a 'journalist' - or who wants to be regarded as one - would actively conceal from the public, for months on end, the key evidence in a political story that has generated headlines around the world."
"Poulsen's concealment of the chat logs is actively blinding journalists and others who have been attempting to learn what Manning did and did not do. By allowing the world to see only the fraction of the Manning-Lamo chats that he chose to release, Poulsen has created a situation in which his long-time "source," Adrian Lamo, is the only source of information for what Manning supposedly said beyond those published exceprts. Journalists thus routinely print Lamo's assertions about Manning's statements even though - as a result of Poulsen's concealment - they are unable to verify whether Lamo is telling the truth. Due to Poulsen, Lamo is now the one driving many of the media stories about Manning and WikiLeaks even though Lamo (a) is a convicted felon, (b) was (as Poulsen strangely reported at the time) involuntarily hospitalized for severe psychiatric distress a mere three weeks before his chats with Manning, and (c) cannot keep his story straight about anything from one minute to the next.

To see how odious Poulsen's concealment of this evidence is, consider this December 15 New York Times article by Charlie Savage, which reports that the DOJ is trying to prosecute WikiLeaks based on the theory that Julian Assange "encouraged or even helped" Manning extract the classified information. Savage extensively quotes Lamo claiming that Manning told him all sorts of things about WikiLeaks and Assange that are not found in the portions of the chat logs published by Wired . . . ."

Greenwald goes on to detail the strange hold the U. S. government appears to have on Poulsen and Lamo, both through the same former top U.S. Justice Department prosecutor named Mark Rasch, a guy who now looks all the world like a covert American government operative:
"Let's consider what this means based just on these facts.  First, for the first several weeks after the story of Manning's arrest, it was Wired that was exclusively reporting on the relevant facts by virtue of Poulsen's close relationship with Lamo.  Yet at no point -- through today -- have Poulsen or Wired ever bothered to disclose that the person who "helped to turn over [Manning] to the FBI and Army intelligence" is (a) the same person who put Poulsen is prison for several years, (b) a regular contributor to Wired and (c) a long-time associate and source for Poulsen.  Just on journalistic grounds, this nondisclosure is extraordinary (Poulsen even wrote a long article about Uber's role in pressuring Lamo to inform to the Government without once mentioning Rasch).  As Poulsen was writing about this Manning story all while working closely with Lamo as he served as FBI informant -- and as Poulsen actively conceals the chat logs -- wouldn't you want to know that the person who played such a key role in Manning's arrest was the same person who prosecuted Poulsen and regularly contributes to his magazine?"
Unbelievable!  Greenwald deserves some kind of award for putting this together.

It is clear that Wired is actively participating in the American government scheme to use a bastardization of the facts surrounding Manning and Assange to concoct a bogus legal case against Assange.

Monday, December 27, 2010

The bad collaborators

Around 16 minutes into the Frost interview Assange starts to consider to conspiratorial elements of the Swedish attack on him, including the role of mega-weirdo Claes Borgström, heavily connected in Swedish politics - a prominent Social Democrat - and big business, in making a rape case out of facts already completely dismissed by a senior Swedish prosecutor (Borgström seems to have made a career out of using his bizarre ultra-feminism as a cover for looking out for Establishment interests).  Assange briefly mentions the cynical political manipulation by the Swedish Social Democrats concerning a faked promise to withdraw from Afghanistan, something I haven't yet seen in released cables, although American control of Swedish political decision-making has leaked (as has the writing [original] of Swedish intellectual property legislation to benefit American corporations, the unconstitutional and secret sharing of information on Swedish citizens with the Americans, and the fact that Sweden, proudly independent, is a de facto member of NATO, not to mention a complete American lapdog).

Also curious is the fact that the recent 'terrorist' attack in Sweden, one of which the authorities had foreknowledge (but, as always, failed to mention it to anybody who might have been hurt), conveniently occurred during the debate over continued Swedish participation in the War For The Jews in Afghanistan, with the reported concern of the bomber over the Swedish presence in Afghanistan aiding the final decision to stay (rubber-stamping a previously concocted political backroom deal).  This is one of the clearest examples of the cynical manipulation of the populace by 'terrorism' since the Anthrax attacks during the American debate on the Patriot Act.

Note also the peculiar role of a Guardian writer who hates Wikileaks in the illegal release of info on Assange obviously intended to bolster their cruddy case against Assange.  People who can't distinguish an attack on an individual by a Superpower (and its collaborators), from the legal release of information by a publisher, find Assange's anger at this smearing 'ironic'.

Bruce Sterling on Assange is worth reading but it isn't anything near as good as it ought to be.

"People OK with murdering Assange" (click on the square in the middle to bring up a new one).

Friday, December 24, 2010

The winner and undisputed world champion

Everybody blogged about Elie Wiesel being labeled by Fox News as 'Holocaust Winner'. Hilarious, but also the first truth ever to appear on Fox News. It must have been a slip, but which slip? Did they intend to describe him as 'Holocaust wanker'? 'Holocaust whiner'? 'Holocaust whore'?

"The possibility that someone in the U.S. government came up with this perfidious offer to sacrifice Odyssey, its thousands of shareholders, and the many jobs created by the company in exchange for the return of one painting to one individual is hard to believe.  It is hard to believe that this really happened. It sounds like something out of a Hollywood script."  Sadly, it is not hard to believe at all, as the one painting was "a Holocaust-era painting that was allegedly stolen by the Nazis during World War II".  See also here.

"Dutch Film Director Accuses Ariel Sharon of Killing Two Palestinian Children in 1982"  The Jews have come up with all kinds of stories to attempt to undermine the claim, but Sluizer has absolutely no reason to lie, particularly now when Sharon is permanently out of politics.  Killing a Palestinian is the second Jewish rite of passage.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Sorry, poseurs

"The founder of the whistle-blowing WikiLeaks site, Julian Assange, says his website had not yet begun to publish the majority of the information it has on Israel. In an interview with Al-Jazeera, Assange said that what has been published on Israel till now constitutes just "1-2%" of the information, which includes intelligence on the Mabhouh assassination and the Second Lebanon War.

Assange, who is in Britain after having been released from custody, added that of the 3,700 documents on Israel in his possession, some 2,700 came from within the Zionist entity.

He also promised to reveal high-level communications on "the assassination of a Syrian official by a sniper", apparently referring to Muhammad Suleiman, who was a top aide to Syrian President Bashar Assad.

The process of revealing all this paperwork is scheduled to take around six months, the website founder said.

But Assange categorically denied rumors that have surfaced recently, regarding a possible deal between WikiLeaks and Israel. "We have had no direct or indirect contact with the Israelis," he said, adding, however, that the Mossad and other intelligence agencies were closely monitoring the website.

In addition, Assange said, publications of various documents depended on the various newspapers and their interest in different subjects. However no deal had been struck with Israel not to publish detrimental findings on the state, he said."

See also here.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

A peculiar ability to predict the future

"WikiLeaks: Yadlin wanted Hamas takeover":
"According to the document Yadlin said a Hamas takeover would be a positive step, because Israel would then be able to declare Gaza as a hostile entity.
A few days later, his prediction came true as Hamas took control of the Strip.
The American ambassador noted that if Fatah loses control of the Strip, Abbas would be urged to form a separate government in the West Bank.
Yadlin responded by saying that such developments would please Israel, because the IDF would not have to deal with Hamas as a stateless body. He also added that Israel would be able to cooperate with a Fatah-controlled West Bank."
This is complete confirmation of one of the most important 'anti-Semitic' conspiracy theories.  Of course, using the Palestinians to provide policing for Israel in the West Bank, and the 'Cast Iron' attack on the civilians of Gaza, just follow as part of the plans of the Jews.

'You think you're stronger than the Palestinians, but you're not.'

The Wikileaks cables that World Jewry would rather you not see are starting to come out (one of Assange's release strategies seems to be drama, to keep the interest up over the months of leaking).

"The smoking cable: Israel said it had 'secret accord' with U.S. over expanding settlements even as Obama said in Cairo they must stop!" - and see the comment by lysias.  That Cairo speech really was an epic pile of horseshit.

From the cable:
"MFA Middle East Director (Assistant
Secretary-equivalent) Patrice Paoli informed POL Minister
Counselor June 18 that Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak
told French officials in Paris June 15 that the Israelis have
a "secret accord" with the USG to continue the "natural
growth" of Israeli settlements in the West Bank."
"You think you've got time, but you don't."
"You think you have an alternative solution, but you
"You think you're stronger than the Palestinians, but
you're not."
None of these are lines the Israelis would want you to see.

"Corroboration, Not Revelation"

"What WikiLeaks tells us about Argentina and Palestine" - or maybe Argentina recognized the Palestinian state because they thought it was the right thing to do, a rationale Americans can't comprehend.

"Evil US Deeds Exposed by WikiLeaks"

"Apple The Latest To Convict Wikileaks Despite No Charges Or Trial; Kills Wikileaks App For Violating Unnamed Laws"

"What We Learn From WikiLeaks" - eerie consistency of the nothing-to-see-here crowd.  American 'journalists' are very well trained.

More of the same lies:  "WSJ’s Mary O’Grady Rewrites WikiLeaks"  It is amazing what people think they can get away with utterly misrepresenting the cables to an American audience.

If I were Assange, I'd be more worried about being assassinated by the psychos at Bank of America than the psychos at the CIA (who would probably miss anyway).

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Six Degrees of Julian Assange

"Daniel Domscheit-Berg Denies Rumor of Assange-Israeli Deals"

Note how easy it was to fool the conspiracy poseurs into buying this nonsense.  There was never even the tiniest sliver of evidence, but falsely tying the conspiracy allegations to a known name who had had a falling out with Assange was enough to 'prove' everything for the poseurs.  The latest manifestation of their stupidity is the 'Six Degrees of Julian Assange' theory which 'proves' he is just a Rothschild pawn.  You can only laugh at what passes for an argument these days.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Nothing to see here, please move along

There is a standard template for any American writing about Wikileaks, whether for or against it - you have to start by saying there is nothing of any substance in any of the cables.  Nothing to see here, please move along.  The leaks have spooked every imperialist.

"WikiLeaks cables: BP suffered blowout on Azerbaijan gas platform"  This seems kinda important, especially as not covering it in the lamestream media kept the pressure off BP which allowed it to carry on the same kind of negligence - the very same issues caused each disaster - in the Gulf of Mexico, with the predictable consequences.

"WikiLeaks cables: BP accused by Azerbaijan of stealing oil worth $10bn"

"WikiLeaks cables: Chevron discussed oil project with Tehran, claims Iraqi PM"  Sanctions, what sanctions?

The magic of low corporate tax rates.

"Leaked Cable: Hike Food Prices To Boost GM Crop Approval In Europe"  This is the kind of monstrous conspiracy that we're always told is too crazy to be true.  Our leaders simply can't be that evil, can they?

"CENTRAL ASIA: WikiLeaks dispatches reveal a Great Game for the 21st century"


Friday, December 17, 2010

It is sad when lackeys turn on each other

Pepe Escobar:
"Only the terminally naive could believe that the US Justice Department did not order the Swedish government to mobilize Interpol into producing a lightning-fast arrest warrant linked to the syrupy broken condom/"sex by surprise" saga. 
All across the land of the free, the emperor has been pulling a Beijing (one may say emperors are all alike), deploying a variety of methods to actually censor the net - and TV - and dispatch the cables to digital oblivion. Some methods are worthy of the Three Stooges: the US Air Force blacking out from its computers anything linked to "cablegate"; the Pentagon banning anyone from even looking at newspapers. 
Other methods are slightly more refined. Assange won the readers' poll as Time magazine's Person of the Year. But the editors could not possibly have the guts to respect public opinion and infuriate the emperor even more. So they gave the prize to an autistic geek who invented Facebook because his girlfriend dumped him."
"WikiLeaks: Swedish government 'hid' anti-terror operations with America from Parliament":
"'The new revelations contained in the Swedish cables … shed some light on the ferocity of the Swedish prosecutorial process in this case.'"
The Swedes pretend to be neutral but are secretly rabid American imperialists.

Who ordered the appeal of Assange's bail?  The lackeys are blaming each other.


Moroccoleaks didn't last long (Google cache of a posting here).

Thursday, December 16, 2010

The bitter pill

How does a British judge say, in the most polite way possible, 'Fuck you, Sweden'?:
"The history of the way it [the case] has been dealt with by the Swedish prosecutors would give Mr Assange some basis that he might be acquitted following a trial."
It now appears that the latest outrage, the appeal of bail, may be the work of British prosecutors and not the fucking Swedes, although it is probably more accurate to see it all as part of a world-wide conspiracy of craven American lackeys.

Gary Sick (who, of course, lost all credibility with his participation in the American attack on the recent Iranian elections):
"One of the many ironies of the WikiLeaks saga seems to be the inadvertent confirmation that the United States is truly the indispensable nation. It is the political refuge of last resort. It is the ultimate truth-teller. Its political clout reverberates in the politics of its host nations. And all of this just at the moment when Americans are being told by their own pundits that their day of imperial dominance is over. Apparently not quite yet.
What a bitter pill for Mr. Assange."
Of course, part of this is true. It is indeed remarkable how each county defers to American power.  Satraps prostrating themselves before the Caliph.  Each of them acting without knowledge of how silly it looks, especially when seen in the whole range of cables.  That's why the State Department is so freaked out.  American power depends entirely on everybody believing in American power.  Once the silliness is revealed, much of the power disappears.  Those same lackeys will be terrified that their attitude towards the Americans will come back to haunt them.  The era of embarrassing fealty to the American Empire is ending, and Wikileaks can take some credit for that.  There is a bitter pill, but it is not for Mr. Assange.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Mostly meta-leaks

"Is The US Response To Wikileaks Really About Overhyping Online Threats To Pass New Laws?":
". . . Richard Clarke . . .  said that the US government has had an 'iPatriot Act' sitting in a drawer, ready to go at a moment's notice whenever there was 'an i-9/11 event.' 
Except there's been no such event."
"Funding illegal Israeli settlements? Priceless.":
"Visa, Mastercard and PayPal all enable donations to be made to US-registered groups funding illegal Israeli settlements in the West Bank in defiance of international law.

It appears at least one of the major credit cards also enables donations to an extremist Jewish group that has placed a bounty on the lives of Palestinians.

All three have in the last week ceased enabling donations to WikiLeaks. Neither Mastercard nor Visa have explained the basis for their decision to do so. PayPal has backed away from its initial claim that the US State Department told PayPal WikiLeaks had broken the law after the claim was discredited. This is the third occasion on which PayPal has suspended payment services for WikiLeaks."
"Death Squads versus Democracy"

"Who is Behind Wikileaks?"  Chossudovsky outs himself as part of the problem that we need to fix.  His arguments are hilariously weak.

"Military Bans Disks, Threatens Courts-Martial to Stop New Leaks":  the next leak will be burned to a disc that looks like a video game, requiring that soldiers stop playing video games.  "Air Force Blocks New York Times Site Over Wikileaks":  at least they will receive fewer lies to fool them into fighting Wars For The Jews.  In between murdering innocent civilians, just what are American soldiers going to do for entertainment?


No more Ikea for me.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Famous Jewish sense of humor

Via the Angry Arab:
"Israeli officials on Tuesday canceled a ceremony planned to honor the Palestinian firemen who assisted in battling the Carmel fire last week, after a number of crew members were refused permits to cross the border. 
Palestinian Fire Services Commander Ahmed Rizik said that he and his staff were surprised to learn when they arrived at the checkpoint that only seven out of the 10 fireman would be granted entry into Israel, although all of them had been allowed in at the time of the disaster."


It must have started to irk the British oligarchs that holding a guy without bail on an obviously trumped-up political bogus charge - not even a charge, as he was only wanted for questioning, questioning he has agreed to (though obviously not in Sweden) - from a banana republic, when he had immediately turned himself in and had lots of willing and famous sureties, was all starting to make Britain look as bad as, well, as bad as Sweden (oh no!).  The fact that Sweden has actually appealed the granting of bail shows you just what fucking wankers those Swedes really are.

Mark Madoff suicide?

Does anyone believe Mark Madoff committed suicide?  They say what a monster he must have been to off himself with his 2-year-old son in the next room, but I think that proves it wasn't suicide.  Supremacists look after their own.  If you see the Madoff scheme as a way of funneling billions of stolen money into Israel (and billions and billions and billions of dollars are completely unaccounted for), the timing of the Mark Madoff death makes sense.  Nobody else in the family has said anything (Bernie took the whole weight and went to jail in an attempt to stymie an investigation), and the trustee was finally coming after Mark.  If it was feared that Mark would spill the beans, it was necessary for him to die.  I don't know what floor he was on, but maybe it was too low to throw him out the window.

The trustee was also going after Sonja Kohn (it appears that they have mistakenly used pictures of Dame Edna in all the articles).  She seems to have gone into hiding:  "With Russian oligarchs as clients, she might have reason to be afraid."  "Mrs. Kohn owned a home until about a year ago in Monsey, N.Y., an ultra-orthodox community about an hour north of Manhattan, but has recently spent more time in Europe."  "In recent years, Sonja Kohn traveled constantly to Milan, Zurich, London, Israel and New York. . . "  Mark no doubt knew way too much about the whole scheme and a lot of powerful people.  "Investors on Sunday said Mark Madoff's death will make it harder to find answers to how many people knew of the fraud."  He had to go.

Monday, December 13, 2010

The leaking continues

OpenLeaks, the 'competitor' to Wikileaks:
"Even though the name of the new organization is called ‘Open’ Leaks, they will be far from as “open” as WikiLeaks ever was. The plan is to allow for leaked documents to be submitted. However, these documents will not be published to the public. Instead they will be distributed to other news agencies and outlets for them to decide what is appropriate, legal, and constitutional to publish."
This looks like an intelligence operation. Wikileaks has the correct model; OpenLeaks is a dangerous step towards loss of openness and secret control of information, what Wikileaks is trying to break down.  John Young has it backwards - the 'competitors' are more likely to be corrupt.  The way intelligence operations will deal with Wikileaks is to flood the internet with disinformation.

Yet more crap from Global Research.  They do want to close off the internet - and intended to long before Wikileaks, for both financial and political reasons, with Joe Lieberman in particular having a burning interest in censoring criticism of Israel - so blaming it on Wikileaks will kill two birds with one stone.

The Russians were tracking the assassins of Alexander Litvinenko but were told to back off by the British.  A rational person can only conclude that the assassination was the work of the British, or somebody the British were protecting, and not the Russians.

"LEBANON: Hezbollah strays from Iranian line on WikiLeaks, praises its disclosures"

Armenia put in the American vice.

The United States supports the ultra-corrupt Uzbekistan to protect its supply lines to Afghanistan.

April Glaspie may have been closer to an idiot than a conspirator.

"Although we appreciate the efforts of the volunteers who come to support our nation and stand with us against the apartheid wall, it has become difficult for us to know who are the real supporters of peace and who are the infiltrators and intelligence agency plants among the peace activists who come to live and work among us in order to spy on our people and the peace movement in support of Israel and the foreign intelligence services."

wikileaks mirror network

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Wikileaks scheduling

"Secret US Embassy Cables":
"Wikileaks began on Sunday November 28th publishing 251,287 leaked United States embassy cables, the largest set of confidential documents ever to be released into the public domain. The documents will give people around the world an unprecedented insight into US Government foreign activities.

The cables, which date from 1966 up until the end of February this year, contain confidential communications between 274 embassies in countries throughout the world and the State Department in Washington DC. 15,652 of the cables are classified Secret.

The embassy cables will be released in stages over the next few months. The subject matter of these cables is of such importance, and the geographical spread so broad, that to do otherwise would not do this material justice."
They plan to release them all. Considering the enormous effect of the releases so far, we're in for an entertaining few months.

More on the leaks

b, who seems to have been resurrected by Wikileaks, has lost me here.  Why would Whitaker lie - a strong word for what amounts to passing along a possible theory - about something that in short order, by the publication of all the cables by Wikileaks itself, will be revealed one way or the other?  It may turn out that the volume of cables from the Tel Aviv embassy just isn't very interesting, with the good stuff, the 'sensitive documents' in Whitaker's words, subject to a higher level of classification.  This would fit the general theory of Zionist dominance over the Americans, with Israel being the only country dangerous enough to American diplomats and politicians to generally require a higher level of classification.  After all, if you make a mistake in a cable about any other country, you won't lose your job.  If you make the slightest error about Israel, or even display insufficient deference to the Superiority of the Jews, you will.

One of the many advantages of the Wikileaks release is that it lets us sort the good guys from the worthless poseurs.  Here is a particularly useless piece by Engdahl (which isn't to say that there aren't plans to restrict the internet).  Global Research appears to have no editorial standards whatsoever, and Chossudovsky is writing more and more like Noam's long-lost son.

"6 Companies That Haven't Wussed Out of Working with WikiLeaks"

"Wikileaks Cable: Big Oil Loves Venezuela Enough To Overlook Hugo Chavez"

"Inside the Zimbabwean diamond racket"

"WikiLeaks cables suggest Burma is building secret nuclear sites"  Note that the sourcing behind this cable is incredibly weak, as weak as what we see on supposed intel on enemies of Israel.

"Report: Assange accuser flees to Middle East, may not be cooperating with police"  Anna Ardin will be stuck with an awful stench for the rest of her life unless she quickly and loudly repudiates all the actions of the Swedish prosecutors.

"Rebuttal to Article Alleging that Wikileaks CEO "Made a Deal with Israel" Over Cables"  Actually, the original article is so laughably weak that you really have to wonder what kind of idiot was behind it.  They must think their audience is awfully stupid.  And who would benefit from an attack on Wikileaks?

"Is The CIA Hosting A Wikileaks Mirror?"

Friday, December 10, 2010

More leaks

"Wikileaks: Where are the Israel documents?":
"I've heard people voicing suspicions about this. Have the Israel cables been suppressed, they ask.  
The answer, apparently, is no. There's little or nothing from Israel in the 250,000 or so documents – and the explanation, I'm told by someone who ought to know, is very simple. 
Israel, in the eyes of the US diplomats, is not a normal country like any other and so it's not dealt with in the normal way. Sensitive documents from Israel go through different channels – to the White House rather than the State Department – and are therefore not among the batch leaked to Julian Assange."
We won't get memos out of this batch on the Gaza slaughter or the Marmara slaughter - the timing is wrong, as the leaks peter out towards the end of 2009 - but some information on Israel did leak out:  the Americans receive their orders from their Bosses.

"WikiLeaks: What, Really, Is the Problem?":
"The problem is not the manipulation of WikiLeaks by any foreign intelligence service but, in effect, the manipulation by key players in the mainstream media, in America especially, of the material WikiLeaks is providing."
"On the Historical Necessity of Wikileaks" by Lawrence Davidson.

"WikiLeaks cables: Pfizer took aim at Nigeria AG":
"U.S. drugmaker Pfizer (PFE.N) hired investigators to find evidence of corruption against the Nigerian attorney general to convince him to drop legal action against the company over a drug trial involving children, the Guardian newspaper reported, citing U.S. diplomatic cables made public by WikiLeaks."
This is the way the world actually works but we rarely see any evidence of it.

"Lieberman Praises Companies Helping Him Try To Censor Wikileaks"  This is funny as the companies involved attempt to fabricate stories to distance themselves from Joe the Censor.

"Prof may face charge for urging assassination:  U of C's Tom Flanagan spoke out against WikiLeaks boss"  I imagine we'll find prosecutors in Calgary are up to the corruption levels of prosecutors in Sweden.

"MOROCCO: For cheap Saudi oil, Rabat broke ties with Iran, cracked down on Shiites, leaked cable says"  Well, at least Morocco got some cheap oil for bending over (it might come in handy for lubing up).  Most countries bend over for free.

"No Surprise: Wikileaks Leak Shows US Entertainment Industry Wrote Spain's New Copyright Law"

"WikiLeaks Cable Exposes NATO War Plan Against Russia"

"Wikileaks reveals U.S. 'dirty business' at climate change talks"

"WikiLeaks cables: Lockerbie bomber freed after Gaddafi's 'thuggish' threats"

I'm sure there was a comment to this article pointing out the serious dangers of shopping at Amazon during this holiday season (do you want 4chan to have your credit card number?).  Now it has disappeared.

"WikiLeaks goes backstage in Lebanon's Hariri case"  As you might have guessed, the U. S. State Department micro-manages the Hariri commission from behind the scenes.

"Assange Case: Evidence Destroyed Over And Over Again"  The case of the disappeared tweets.

"Is Julian Assange Europe's Nelson Mandela?":
"Sweden’s false charges against Mr Assange are not the first time that country has collaborated with aggressors. When the Nazis wanted to seize Norway’s heavy water production plant for their nuclear research, Sweden announced that it was neutral and allowed the Germans to roll straight through the country to Norway. Just ask the Norwegians at the present time about their opinion of Sweden. Those were the days when Britain fought armed aggression rather than supported it."

Scott Adams:
"But things didn't turn out as Assange hoped.  The unintended consequence of his actions is that he managed to make Sweden look like a country that's governed by congenital idiots and populated with nothing but crazy sluts and lawyers. And don't get me started about the quality of their condoms.
To be fair, I don't know if Assange's alleged broken condom is because the product was defective. We have good evidence that Assange has the world's biggest set of nuts, so assuming some degree of proportionality, he'd put a strain on any brand of condom that didn't have rebar ribs. 
Assange had a lot of help making Sweden look like the last place on Earth that you would want to take your penis. The aforementioned megahit movie, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, makes the place look like a snow-filled ass cave that Jeffrey Dahmer lived in before he got a raise. (It's a good movie otherwise.)
If you haven't read any background about the so-called rape charges against Assange, you really should. Apparently Swedish laws are unique.  If you have a penis, you're half a rapist before you even get through customs. And if your condom breaks, that's jail time. What I'm saying is that the Club Med in Sweden is a nervous place."

Thursday, December 09, 2010

Can 4chan save the world?

"'Anonymous' hackers hit Visa, Mastercard and Sarah Palin in WikiLeaks revenge"  All the companies who have messed with Wikileaks are completely dependent on the internet.  Random outages would destroy their businesses in a couple of months.  In order to be best friends with Hillary and get invited to a couple of Washington parties, executives of these companies essentially put their whole businesses at risk.  This is a massive breach of fiduciary duty to the corporations they are supposed to be working for, and if it leads to losses - and never underestimate the power of 4chan - should be met by shareholder lawsuits.

DataCell:  "News in respect to Wikileaks"

"Caving to pressure from supporters, PayPal releases WikiLeaks’ funds [Update: PayPal down]"

"WikiLeaks cables reveal secret plan to push Mugabe out in Zimbabwe"

"WikiLeaks cables: Shell's grip on Nigerian state revealed"

"WikiLeaks cables claim al-Jazeera changed coverage to suit Qatari foreign policy"

"How the Saudis control their media"

"WikiLeaks cables: Saudi princes throw parties boasting drink, drugs and sex"  It won't be long until their heads are at the end of pikes.

"Wikileaks: Tunisia, the 'friend' that isn't"  Tunisia made massive social progress under President Bourguiba, and has been backsliding ever since his death.

"WikiLeaks cables: Secret deal let Americans sidestep cluster bomb ban"

"WikiLeaks exposes US cover-up of Georgian attack on South Ossetia"

"Bolivia Ambassador to UN Pablo Solón Responds to Secret U.S. Manipulation of Climate Talks Revealed in WikiLeaks Cable"  Maybe the single most important leak of all thus far.

"WikiLeaks cables cast fresh light on coup against former Australian PM Rudd"  It was a coup d'état in Australia using a phony 'lefty'.

"List of facilities 'vital to US security' leaked"  This is oddly not under a higher level of classification and they gathered the information in a strangely relaxed way.

Iran, not Israel, is the big winner from the release of these cables, as they prove conclusively that the United States, one nation under ZOG, has never even tried to negotiate in good faith:  "Why Should Iran Trust President Obama?"  Now that Israel has simultaneously learned that:

  1. Hezbollah can flatten the whole country with rockets; and
  2. the Jews have spent so much money killing people and stealing their land that they have completely neglected their own infrastructure needs - as proved by their inability to fight a forest fire - and will be completely incapable of rescuing people from a Hezbollah counterattack to yet another illegal Jewish war
they may have to scale back their war plans.

"Did Library Of Congress Lie? White House Says No Requirement To Block Wikileaks"  More of the gumming up of the process that Assange intended.

"Cables Belie Gulf States’ Backing for Strikes on Iran"  A little common sense and actual reading applied to the barefaced lies of the Jew York Times.

Actually, if you look at the results so far, with still only a tiny fraction of cables released, Iran is now  more powerful than ever and is the big winner of the leaks. Perhaps Assange did a deal with President Ahmedinejad, which Ahmedinejad is trying to hide by claiming it is all a Zionist plot!  By the way, isn't it time to permanently throw all the lousy poseur entrepreneurs - Tarpley, Madsen, Alex Jones, etc. - under the bus?  Their mercantile stupidity is holding us back.

I'm sick and tired of these imperialists masquerading as feminists claiming that rape is a serious thing and while the prosecution looks iffy, we have to wait to know all the facts.  We fucking have all the facts.  Assange committed no possible crime.  "Assange Case: Ny Knows the Girls Made it Up but Doesn't Care"  Shouldn't Ny be instantly:

  1. fired;
  2. disbarred for prosecutorial misconduct of the highest order?
The Swedes don't seem to have noticed that they have lost all their good international reputation in the last few days and now look like a judicial banana republic.

"More World Press Freedom Day: Welcome to Okke Ornstein's twilight zone"  Still unclear on the concept.

Slight change of subject.

Wednesday, December 08, 2010

The woodshed

The crime of Wikileaks was lèse majesté, an insufficient deference to Power.  The cables are instructive.  The Americans could care less about the opinions of the leaders of various nonentities like Saudi Arabia or Great Britain.  What is important is that American diplomats conduct a periodic check-up - like having your teeth cleaned - in order to ensure that everybody knows who the boss is.  Thus, from time to time, world leaders are interviewed by American diplomats who say nothing and just write everything down.  The various leaders struggle to say what they think the Americans would want them to say, and if they meet the test, they are allowed to stay in power.  Just striving to meet the test teaches a lesson.  Perhaps the biggest surprise from the cables is how hard everybody strives to meet the American test of fealty.

We're in the middle of a long social experiment to see what we will put up with.  The plutocrats keep asking for more, and we just give it to them.  There is absolutely no push-back whatsoever.  In fact, all we do is ask for more punishment and deprivation.  The results of this experiment have been so startling to the plutocrats that they have until recently not asked for everything, in fear that perhaps they would awaken a sleeping giant of rebellion.  Nope.  No giant. Just sleeping. The continuing non-reaction to the massive financial theft in Europe and the United States, where the thieves were not only not punished, but massively rewarded, was the final test.  The only reason why we are not all slaves building pyramids to the glory of the plutocrats is that they, in their infinite generosity of spirit, haven't asked us yet.  They will, and we'll start hauling rocks.

Did you note the petulance in Obama's press conference on giving in completely to Republican demands that he extend the tax cuts for the very richest (at a massive cost that will have to be borrowed from China, and which will raise the deficit and have to be paid off by old people living on cat food when the American right suddenly starts worrying about the deficit)?  You know what he was saying?  How dare you expect any backbone from me when you have no backbone yourselves!

On the other hand, note the class consciousness of the other side.  Big corporations like Amazon, Visa, MasterCard, and PayPal enforced the will of the plutocracy without the slightest compunction ("It is fascinating to see the tentacles of the corrupt American elite.").  This is also intended to be instructive.  There is no chance in fighting them as they will stick together, even in cases where it appears that their class cohesiveness will cost them money.  Were we smart enough, we might learn something from them.

And what of various institutions, some of which are supposed to be protecting us?  The Swedish government and judicial system, Interpol, the British judicial system, all instantly gave up even the slightest pretense of attempting to follow their own rules, when those rules are all they are really about.  Power wins out over everything.  There is no hope.  Give up even the slightest struggle and save yourselves from being destroyed (although you will have to be slaves).

Many people noted the hypocrisy of the announcement of the American hosting of World Press Freedom Day (the Washington Post, busy not doing the job that Wikileaks has had to do, helpfully explains the meaning of the word 'irony').  And what of the freedom of the internet itself, something of great interest to Hillary when she could use it as a weapon against China?  Wikileaks attempted to use the logic of the freedom of the internet to turn the secret-keepers into knots and thus destroy their conspiracy.  The powerful simply changed the rules to deal with Wikileaks.  They want us to know that they can change the rules.  They can always change the rules.  Eventually, the internet will be completely reserved for plutocrats to exploit us to make money.  We're demonstrated that we are not responsible enough to have freedom of speech.  We've also demonstrated that we won't object when they take our freedoms.

The treatment of Julian Assange and Wikileaks is intended to be over-the-top, hypocritical, offensive, and outrageous ("wholly comparable to the kind of treatment doled out to dissidents in China or Burma").  He's supposed to end up executed in an American military prison.  Wikileaks put a real scare into them, which explains the overreaction.  They want us to be reminded of punishments in the Dark Ages.  It is a lesson to anybody who might present any real challenge to power.

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Time for the 'insurance' file?

"WikiLeaks' founder Assange arrested in London"  To explain the delay:
"Police contacted Mr Stephens last night after receiving a fresh European Arrest Warrant from the Swedish authorities.
The first warrant, issued last month, was not valid as officials had failed to fill in the form properly."
The delay was almost certainly about worries over the 'insurance' file (and no, poseurs, not the Rothschilds).

"When it comes to Assange rape case, the Swedes are making it up as they go along"

"Assange: Aftonbladet's 'Inside Story'"

"Marianne Ny: Making an arse of Swedish law."

"Assange Accuser Worked with US-Funded, CIA-Tied Anti-Castro Group"

"Julian Assange’s Accuser Supposedly Tied to the CIA"

Anna Ardin is the author of '7 Steps to Legal Revenge'.

I imagine there are at least a dozen conclusive legal challenges to this political arrest warrant, but you can't always count on a British judge to uphold the law.

Sunday, December 05, 2010

The conspiracy poseurs

Hey, you can be so, so, so smart, and assume there is no goodness in the world, and absolutely everything is run by the Rothschilds.  I can't stop you.  By the way, how is that ultra-scepticism working out for you?  Is it making the world a better place? Well, at least you can die knowing you were never a chump.  Or, you could try to do something positive for a change.

"How WikiLeaks builds a global open source insurgency":
"Poulsen insinuates that the struggles with domain names, hosting and DNS servers shows bungling on the part of the wikileakers, but I don't really believe that; I think it has been deliberate.

After all, what has been the net result of the affair? A swarm. Not only did WikiLeaks itself set up numerous other domains to host cablegate, but people all over the globe have been busy setting up mirror sites, pointing their domains towards WikiLeaks and so on, a reported 100,000 people have downloaded the "insurance file" which contains all the un-redacted cables plus some more goodies, the released cables have also been made available as a package for easy download – in other words: it is now 200% sure that this cache of secret documents will never ever go away again and for those who seek to stop the leak the only possible outcome is that things will get much worse.

There is even, as we speak, set up a page (don't know by whom) to allow anyone who owns a website to allow for a mirror to be set up under that domain by just filling a form and adding a subdomain to your domain (not sure how safe that procedure actually is).

All this points to grand strategic thinking. With WikiLeaks now being hosted by a swarm of people around the globe, these volunteers are now part of WikiLeaks themselves – the emerging WikiLeaks tribe – plus releasing new cables becomes a simple matter of syncing all the mirrors, and the distribution of the material is now invulnerable to any kind of attack or regulatory oversight, no matter how much they whine about it in France or the US.

With the infrastructure now firmly in place and bullet-proof and the hype-hungry mainstream media waiting to be fed, the stage is set for further releases of classified cables, probably even more damaging than the ones we've already seen. And then the Bank of America files. And then who knows what.

By that time the "conspiracy" will be crumbling under the relentless attacks of this open source insurgency – our insurgency, really. So that we can build something new, from the bottom up, to replace it."
Wilikeaks is a hologram, breaking up into innumerable little pieces each containing the same information. The shattering was planned.

"Wikileaks: Hezbollah Rockets Cover All of Israel"

"Wikileaks Wikiing"

"WikiLeaks, Iran, and the US's Arab Allies:  What the Corporate Media Are Not Saying":
"In short, according to these papers, the US's main interest in the Middle East for over seven decades - oil (particularly control over oil production and distribution) -- has little relevance to this conflict.  And the struggle for hegemony in the region has little to do with geopolitical interests - rather, it is rooted in religious and ethnic divisions.

In place of concrete analysis, we get an Islamophobic cliché which is based on the assumption that the roots of all (or most) actions by Arab states lie in Islam.  If this reductionism is applied to Arab nations, it is also applied to Iran as I show below.

What such explanations obscure is the real historical and political relationship between the US, Israel, and various US Arab allies.

In the case of the Gulf monarchies, which have long allied themselves closely with imperial nations (first Britain and then the US), control over oil resources trumps all other concerns.  For instance, the so-called "special relationship" between the US and Saudi Arabia is based on oil for security: the US needs to control oil in the region in order to be a global hegemon, and Saudi Arabia needs the US to shore up its defense capabilities in order to put down both external and internal threats to the rule of the Al Saud family. 

Iran, since the fall of the US-backed Shah in 1979, has been seen as an external threat.  Saudi Arabia therefore buys billions of dollars worth of military equipment from the US and has been the backbone of the US defense industry.

Internal threats are all struggles that have the potential to disrupt the "special relationship" by threatening the control of the Al Saud family.  Thus, movements for workers' rights, women's rights, and democratic reform have been squashed by the ruling family, with the approval and help of the US.  When workers went on strike in the oil regions in the 1940s and 50s, the Al Saud family, with the assistance of the US oil company ARAMCO, ruthlessly suppressed the strikers and jailed, deported, or assassinated its leadership.  When women staged a "drive-in" in the early 1990s to seek greater rights for women, they were stripped of their passports and fired from their jobs.

These actions were not driven by "Islam."  Rather, both the US and the Al Saud family (as well as the ruling families in other Gulf states) have little tolerance for democratic movements, fearing rightly that such actions will result in elevating the will of the people over theirs, which could upset the oil for security status quo.

And indeed, the will of the people does stand in opposition to the aforementioned leaders on the question of Iran.

In contrast to the hostility expressed by the leadership, a recent poll carried out by the Brookings Institution finds that regular people in several Arab nations don't see Iran as a major threat.  Instead, 88% identified Israel as the biggest threat, followed closely by the US (77%).  A whooping 10% identified Iran as a threat to their interests.  So much for the historic Sunni-Shia enmity and Arab-Persian rivalry!

Additionally, in contrast again to the views held by the leadership, 75% of ordinary people were opposed to international efforts to pressure Iran to curtail its nuclear program, stating that they believed that Iran had a right to its nuclear program.  57% even think that it would be positive development for the region if Iran acquired nuclear weapons.

It is therefore not surprising that the US's Arab allies are not willing to publicly criticize Iran or offer open support for US efforts to "cut off the head of the snake."  What this poll reveals is not only the contrasting views held by the Arab public and the leadership, but also that the majority of Arabs don't see the world through the US/Israeli prism that is taken for granted by the corporate media."
"Swiss army knives as a danger to Arab regimes"

"Al-Akhbar in the New York Times"

"WikiLeaks: Foreign Office accused of misleading public over Diego Garcia"

"Wiki weakens Iran war drive" - not that there was ever any hope for it.

"Wikileaks in Venezuela: Espionage, Propaganda, and Disinformation"

Saturday, December 04, 2010

Yet more Wikileaks links

It is interesting that people have detected various conspiracies behind Wikileaks based on the release of a tiny portion of the total leak.

From questions and answers with Assange:
"Annoying as it may be, the DDoS seems to be good  publicity (if anything, it adds to your credibility). So is getting  kicked out of AWS. Do you agree with this statement? Were you planning  for it?  Thank you for doing what you are doing.
Julian Assange:  Since 2007 we have been deliberately placing some of our servers in jurisdictions that we  suspected suffered a free speech deficit in order to separate rhetoric  from reality. Amazon was one of these cases."
Amazon's convoluted attempt at explaining itself.

"Why Amazon Caved, and What It Means for the Rest of Us"

"Daniel Ellsberg says boycott Amazon"

"Russian Press And Pakistani Courts Apparently Have More Respect For Free Speech Than Joe Lieberman"

You know you are in trouble when your Minister of Defense conspires with your sole external enemy to assist that enemy in attacking your country.

"The Madrid Cables"

"AZERBAIJAN: President Aliyev compared unfavorably to hot-headed mobster in WikiLeaks cable"

"The Ambassador Has No Clothes"

"WikiLeaks Exposes Israeli Mafia’s Growing Influence"

Interesting comment:  wasn't this the method used in the attack on Iranian nuclear scientists?

"State Department Telling Students Who Apply For Jobs That If They Mention Wikileaks On Twitter, They Won't Be Hired"  Part of the Wikileaks plan is to dumb down the hiring policies of the secret keepers.

"Wikileaks Redactions Are Cowardly"

Glenn Greenwald embarrasses the hell out of Steven Aftergood, who is either a complete idiot or part of the conspiracy.

Thursday, December 02, 2010

More leak links

"WikiLeaks exposes Obama’s willingness to engage Iran as disingenuous" (see also here).  What we've learned is that the United States is completely and utterly subservient to Zionist interests (powered by the Jewish Lobby - note the expected lying spin here), and that others in the Middle East know this and base what they tell the Americans on this knowledge.  For some reason, this has been widely misread as proving that the leaks benefit Israel, when obviously the opposite is the case (and Israel's crowing that the leaks left it unscathed is misdirection).

The former head of the Canadian spy agency, CSIS, doesn't like laws protecting human rights.

"Egypt's Duplicity Stands Exposed"

"Palestinians: Gaza war claim exposed by WikiLeaks is untrue"  The Collaborator-in-Chief denies approving the slaughter of his own people.

"Leaked Cables Reveal U.S. Pressured Spain to Drop Case of Cameraman Killed in 2003 Attack on Journalists in Baghdad"

"Wikileaks: Harper got special D-Day invite to boost image"

"WikiLeaks: Ayatollah Khameni has terminal cancer"  He is pretty old.

Treason in Lebanon (via the Angry Arab News Service).

"The New York Times Again Censoring WikiLeaks"  It is funny how they still operate as if the internet doesn't exist, and anyone can look up what they are trying to hide.

"Wikileak [17]: 'xxxxx indicated that Jewish immigration from Israel to Russia greatly exceeded that of emigration from Russia to Israel..'

"WikiLeaks They Are Putting Lives At Risk, by Steve Bell"

Boycott Amazon!

Amazon caused Wikileaks a tiny amount of inconvenience by kicking Wikileaks off Amazon's cloud server, apparently at the request of Joe Lieberman.  Now Amazon is on my permanent lifetime blacklist.  Amazon's actions are not just vile, they are stupid.  People who read books are the only people who care about freedom of speech.  A lot of those people will be reconsidering where they will purchase books.  Boycott Amazon!

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Aluminum tubes for the 21st Century

Remember when the New York Times had to apologize for lying the United States into the attack on Iraq, one of the Wars For The Jews?  They even had to get rid of Judy Miller, their most accomplished liar.  Well, they're back in from, this time with their most spectacular lying yet, again intended to fool the stupid gentiles into fighting another War For The Jews.  The lying is so good you have to wonder if they've brought Judy Miller back as a consultant.  The method?  Take a Wikileaks cable that casts serious doubt on proposition x, claim it supports proposition x, and then claim they can't show us the cable as Obama doesn't want you to see it.  Priceless!!!

Gareth Porter (my emphasis in red; note that the NYT had to get the cables from the Guardian, as Wikileaks correctly refused to give the material directly to the NYT, no doubt knowing what liars they are; see also here, with the relevant bits of the cable and a link I can't get to work to the cable itself):
"A diplomatic cable from last February released by WikiLeaks provides a detailed account of how Russian specialists on the Iranian ballistic-missile program refuted the United States suggestion that Iran has missiles that could target European capitals, or intends to develop such a capability.

In fact, the Russians challenged the very existence of the mystery missile the US claims Iran acquired from North Korea. But readers of the two leading US newspapers never learned those key facts about the document.

The New York Times and Washington Post reported only that the United States believed Iran had acquired such missiles - supposedly called the BM-25 - from North Korea. Neither newspaper reported the detailed Russian refutation of the US view of the issue, or the lack of hard evidence for the BM-25 from the US side.

The Times, which had obtained the diplomatic cables not from WikiLeaks but from The Guardian, according to a Washington Post story on Monday, did not publish the text of the cable.

The Times story said the newspaper had made the decision not to publish "at the request of the Obama administration". That meant that its readers could not compare the highly distorted account of the document in the Times story against the original document without searching the WikiLeaks website.

As a result, a key WikiLeaks document, which should have resulted in stories calling into question the thrust of the Obama administration's ballistic-missile defense policy in Europe based on an alleged Iranian missile threat, has produced a spate of stories supporting the existing-Iranian-threat narrative."
Absolutely spectacular, over-the-top, warmongering lying, with the added fillip that they blame the Obama Administration for their inability to display the source information which would immediately demonstrate their vile and bloody trickery!  A tip of the hat to them.  Will the gentiles be fooled, based on lies from the Jew-controlled media, into fighting another War For The Jews, again at ruinous cost?

You can't blame Wikileaks for this.  They even tried to keep the material away from the liars (oh, and by the way, we've thus far seen only a tiny percentage of the total Wikileaks release).  The sad fact of the matter is that Jews lie to trick gentiles into fighting Wars For The Jews.  They can't help themselves.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Wikileaks doubters

Walt on Wikileaks:
". . . the big story in the early releases - at least as highlighted in the Times - seems to be the combination of the clear U.S. obsession with Iran and the fact that some Arab leaders expressed great concern about the prospect of an Iranian bomb.  It was as predictable as the sun rising tomorrow that hard-line advocates of doing whatever it takes to stop an Iranian bomb would immediately seize upon the initial releases to buttress their case, but the documents don't actually support that conclusion. As Andrew Sullivan points out, the same people who routinely dismiss Arab calls for a different U.S. policy on the Israel-Palestinian peace process are now suddenly convinced that these same Arab leaders are pillars of wisdom. In any case, it is hardly a revelation to learn that some Gulf rulers would a) prefer a non-nuclear Iran, and b) would prefer it if the United States did the heavy lifting and bore the onus of taking care of this problem. It would be astonishing if they thought any other way.

But the crucial question all along has been how to address that issue, and here these releases show some ambivalence. There is hardly a consistent chorus of voices telling the United States to go ahead and bomb the place. Some leaders seem inclined in that way; others much less so. I've heard other senior Arab and Muslim officials say that it would be a calamity if we did."
Remember also that Arab rulers know that the United States is under full ZOG, and thus know that talking about an attack on Iran is what American diplomats will want to hear.

It is really not worth continuing to argue against the silly notion that Wikileaks is some kind of Zionist operation - a belief held by those who believe in controlled demolition but not in climate change! - but you should note the evidence of ZOG in the tone and content of the cables.  American diplomats can slag Berlusconi, Putin, and even members of the British Royal Family, but even the slightest hint of criticism of the Jews, even in secret cables read only by other diplomats, would be the end of a career.  The reason why Israel fares relatively well in the leaks is the bias in the original documents caused by ZOG.

"The (old) news from wikileaks so far – The US is Israel’s greatest enabler"  American international diplomacy is the tail, Israel is the dog.

The Jew-controlled media is going to spin and lie.  It is what they do.  Note the stories that North Korea supplied Iran with long range missiles (ha!:  "At the request of the Obama administration, the New York Times has agreed not to publish the text of the cable."), and the story that Iran uses the Red Crescent to smuggle spies and weapons into war zones ("according to a well-placed Iranian source who spoke to US diplomats"), both based on the completely unsubstantiated beliefs expressed in cables. Believe me, if Iran had missiles capable of hitting Europe, we would have heard about it! The constant lies of the Jew-controlled media can't be blamed on Wikileaks.  Or, "the real danger of WikiLeaks’s otherwise important work: in the absence of intelligent and unbiased analysis, the material can be manipulated into war propaganda."

"Assange in the Entrails of Empire":
"On board the good ship Megaleaks, I leaf through the latest reports from the front line. There seem to be three main themes, all of which are centered on our plucky hero, Julian Assange. There is the  “traitor” theme (which shrouds a globalist empire in patriotic colors), the “rapist” theme (in which a spurned lover is revenged upon our hero because he failed to produce a contraceptive device at the critical moment), and finally there is the “Zionist plot” theme (which is oddly tied up with the rape theme since one of his accusers has absconded to Israel). As in all well-designed disinformation campaigns, there is something for everyone: conservatives can jump on board with the traitor theme, liberals are fans of the rape theme, and the lunatic fringe can get excited about another Zionist plot. Let’s do our best to liberate the enslaved name of “Zion” from the apartheid state and restore it to where it belongs: the good ship Megaleaks and the spotlight of truth. It is simply too good a name to leave to Zionists."
and (the Swedes aren't even competent stooges!):
"The files reveal some brazen cases of interference. Many of the most recent are connected to Iran, which has become an obsession within the US leadership. For instance, just before the speech of President Ahmadinejad at the UN General Assembly, the State Department ordered the Europeans to leave the room at a certain cue. In fact, the European powers did jump to the US whistle that day, just as the obedient soviet satellites once leapt to Stalin’s tune. There was only one country that violated the order: Sweden. The terrified representative had accidentally missed the cue and frantically sent distressed signals to the Americans for further instruction."

Monday, November 29, 2010

Leak links

People will be mining this wonderful Wikileaks leak for a long time, but here are a few links to get started:

  1. "A thought for wikileak Sunday"  It's funny how horrible it is to out the vile secrets of the oligarchs, yet we're told that every secret of regular people must be turned over to the authorities/big business.
  2. Part of the job of being an American diplomat is stealing credit card numbers.  "State Department "Secret Cable" Lays Out U.S. Intelligence-Gathering Agenda in Paraguay"
  3. The El-Masri torture case.
  4. Director of National Intelligence Dennis Blair and Gen. Stanley McChrystal outright lied about Iran supplying the Taliban.
  5. Wikileaks gave the State Department a chance to protect anybody who might be endangered by the leak.  The State Department said 'fuck off'.  Now the State Department is whining how the leaks endanger people, just like they did in the case of the last leak, which Gates later admitted wasn't true.
  6. "Memo Reveals US State Department Knew Honduras Coup Was Illegal, Did Not Follow Own Advice"

The 'Arab street' proved right

If you read the postings from the The Angry Arab News Service since the Wikileaks release, you will see considerable evidence from the cables of the fact that the leaders of most Arab countries are bumbling Zionist stooges.  This confirms the 'conspiracy theories' of the 'Arab street' (and needless to say, the Wikileaks release has been almost completely ignored in the Arab media).  There is simply no possible way that any Zionist interest could be behind the leaks of this information.  In the long run, the publication of the leaks will weaken the ability of these stooges to do the will of the Jews, and eventually will lead to their political downfall.  The worst thing you can do to a Jew is out his secret shabbos goy.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

The start of an avalanche

Publishing this cable alone should be enough to disprove any Zionist control behind Wikileaks.  The head of Mossad talking candidly in 2007 about plans to manage Lebanon, Syria, and Iran, plans which we've seen from recent machinations over the Hariri investigation are still underway today.

I know from the point of view of a conspiracist a lot of the revelations seem old hat, but from the point of view of standard history /political science, revealing the mechanics of the sausage making is revolutionary.  A lot of these cables would never been seen by historians, or at the very least would require decades of waiting before release.  Thus is the official historical record managed by those in power.

When I see people saying Wikileaks is itself a conspiracy, probably a Zionist one (needless to say), I see American imperialists very nervous about the collapse of the American Empire.  What kind of Empire can't even keep its own secrets?  Who is going to talk candidly to American diplomats now, knowing that his or her words may appear on the front page of the New York Times or even some reputable publication six months from now?  The Wikileaks leaks are part of the amazing acceleration of the collapse of Empire.

Happy Wikileaks Day!

It is not just the content of the leaked information - though that will be interesting enough - it is the fact that the oligarchy loses security in its ability to control people through the creation and keeping of secrets.  Modern democratic states do the evil that they do through subterfuge.  If the legion of moral and decent people actually knew what was going on, we could stop them.  They now have to look over their shoulder every time they create a secret, in fear that their evil will be revealed. Undermining their secrets, and their ability to safely rely on secrets, is a big step in removing their power over us.

By the way, isn't it the height of irony that Wikileaks is entrusting the leaks to the New York Times, one of the worst participants in the Great Lying?

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Saturday, November 27, 2010

"The truth about Israel, Iran and 1980s U.S. arms deals" - pre-Iran-Contra shenanigans.

"Terror Expert Emerson Feels His Own Heat Over Finances" - but fostering Islamophobia is worth a lot to the Jews:
"“Of all those of us who labored in the vineyard in trying to help the Jewish people, there is no one who stands higher in the pantheon of honor than Steve Emerson,” said Bialkin, a former chairman of the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations, “for all of us - those of us who are hard-liners - feel this guy is worth his weight in gold.”"
"Bjork, Magma Energy (, Ross Beaty, defamation suits and I Am Spartacus" - a Canadian company wants to suck all the heat out of Iceland.

The Mossad murder of Uwe Barschel.

"Now you know why the West and Israel are keen on partition of the Sudan"

"When politics of Israel, Cuba collide" - if you are committing treason on behalf of two different entities, sometimes complicated treason decisions arise.

The fact that the Koch brothers are behind the current American mania over 'war on terror' groping at airports is driving the 'left' batty.

"Honoring Helen Thomas" - the legion of moral and decent people hasn't deserted her.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Van provocateur

This police wrongdoing to make protesters look bad is becoming silly.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Life under ZOG

Obama was having a hell of a time selling the New START treaty to Republicans who wouldn't take the chance of risking a nickle of profit to American military suppliers until he came up with the brilliant idea of saying the passage of the treaty would be good for Israel as a friendlier Russia would help the Americans push Iran around.  Obama could have pedophilia legalized if he could come up with an argument that it was good for the Jews.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Slaughter prep

Jewish fangs are aching so it is time for another illegal unprovoked attack on innocent civilians in Lebanon.  The 'Iron Dome', which is supposed to fool Israeli citizens into thinking there won't be an effective counterattack, isn't quite finished, but it is time for the Jews and their slaves to set the groundwork for the revered Jewish tradition of killing people and stealing their land and water:
  1. "Franklin Lamb: How Israel and the US Hope to Destroy Hezbollah"
  2. "Israel approves unilateral pullout from Lebanon border town"
  3. the CBC piece
  4. "UNIFIL to Take Refuge in Israel at War".
Use the Hariri tribunal to frame Hezbollah, with the intent of starting a civil war, or at least weakening Hezbollah's political position in Lebanon. Take the frame-up to the UN, hoping to score UN approval for military action to disarm Hezbollah (as was provided to the US and its allies for the slaughter in Afghanistan). The peculiar Israel withdrawal is to put Israel in compliance with UN Security Council Resolution 1701, thus allowing Israel and its American slave to demand that Lebanon comply with the requirement to disarm Hezbollah, something Lebanon can't do, thus requiring Israeli 'help'.  Oh, and make sure UNIFIL is compromised, as we don't want any more international observation of Jewish atrocities against civilians.

Car bomb attacks have been a Mossad signature in Lebanon for years, and from the Lavon affair it has been a Jewish tradition to commit crimes and blame them on enemies of Israel.  Hariri, Wissam Eid, and Samer Shehadeh (who, living in Canada, would be an obvious source for the CBC) were all attacked by large car bombs (and the CBC attack on Wissam al-Hassan looks like Israeli revenge for the very successful Lebanese operation to arrest Israeli spies in Lebanon).  Playing up the role of Wissam Eid and making him a Lebanese national hero is another obvious attempt to divide Lebanese opinion.

The entire Mehlis investigation was a crock from the beginning, with the bungling frame-up of Syria immediately replaced by a shabby frame-up of Hezbollah (with the CBC PR exercise intended to make old information look new:  Ben Ryan:  "But this story is being peddled, not investigated."), leaving aside the only obvious culprit.  The Americans have provided oodles of money to endure they get the right result.

Note that Daniel Bellemare's personal coat of arms contains a subtle - part will be hidden behind the crest - but unmistakable stylized Star of David (a blue triangle and a yellow triangle, although not completed - perhaps he gets the whole thing when he delivers the report).