Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Corruption, everywhere

The Israeli protection racket is already in action. One of the executives involved in the arms dealer sting is himself being charged with corruption, giving defense attorneys all the ammunition they will need. Why would the Department of Justice sabotage its own case? I liked the comment by 'Tom Duff' to this piece tying the whole thing to the weirdness involving Prince Bandar and his legal representative, former FBI Director Louis Freeh (!!!), and reproduce it in case it is 'lost' (Blankfein's the CEO of Goldman Sachs):
"Your're just scratching the corruption surface. How about Blankfein blackmailing the Pope because several child-raping priests moonlighted as broker/bond salesmen for Goldman when they were involved with Madoff? Or Hillary paying-off Obama to get the SoS job, but, being broke and in debt at the time, had to steal the bribe money from the trust fund Bill had set up for Monica? Or the US Military-Industrial complex over-bribing the DOD bribes to the Taliban and Al Qaeda, the DOD bribes to stop them from shooting at US, the M-I Industrial bribes to keep them shooting, so their stock prices wouldn't fall on the news of imminent peace?"
The Iraqi government paid $85 million to an American company for bomb detectors which were completely phony, with nothing in them that could detect bombs:
"Now the money lost is bad, but the loss of life is worse. Immeasurable. Security personnel and Iraqi soldiers were using these powerless dowsing rod devices in the field to detect bombs at security checkpoints and who knows where else. Scores died with this murderous thing gripped tightly in their hands. Hundreds more when the security checkpoints, armed with these devices, failed to protect them."
The Haiti earthquake is 'good for the Jews' as it provided a simultaneous hasbara opportunity and a huge source of free organs! I wonder how many Haitians might have lived if they had been treated by doctors from a country that doesn't steal organs.

The details of the Israeli role in allowing the underpants bomber on the plane are starting to come out.

Ethan Bronner, the over-the-top cheerleader/propagandist for Israel who spews his hasbara nonsense in the New York Times, has a son who just joined the IDF, a fact that would never have been disclosed by either the Times or Bronner. Now that's what I call corruption.
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