Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Dissecting a conspiracy

If we tally the weirdness listed by Justin Raimondo:
  1. the Indian man who guided the underpants bomber through security without a passport,
  2. the man in orange on the flight who was 'arrested' and promptly disappeared,
  3. the mystery man videotaping the entire flight, including the explosion itself,

and add the fact that the Indian man liaised with Israelis running security in Amsterdam, the fact that the American authorities were completely aware of the bomber, and the fact that the bomber set off many red flags due to his nature and his actions, I think the conclusion is obvious. The operation was primarily American. The bomber was a patsy (it is irrelevant what he thought he was doing but the most likely scenario, matching other patsies in the past, was that he was promised some favor if he would 'test' security). The Indian man was the patsy's outside handler, who connected the bomber to the Israelis in Amsterdam, whose job it was to get him onto the plane (this is why it is extremely wise never to hire Israeli security, which is worse than having no security at all!). The man in orange was the patsy's in-flight handler, who was 'arrested' in order to get him away from the other passengers. The video man was producing a documentary of how the operation went and how the passengers reacted. He has also disappeared.

I know some will scream and yell and call me names for not labeling this an Israeli operation, but the facts are that the Israelis do not control security on the ground in Detroit (any more than they control NORAD!). The Americans let it happen and then covered it up; it was an American operation.

Besides a trial run for some future fake 'terrorism', this episode has amped up the 'war on terror' to include Yemen, and provided some lucrative business for scanner manufacturers. The scanning machines, despite the fact they can see everything except the bomb materials, allow a further slide along the path to Big Brother total surveillance, all on the pretense that it will make us 'safer'. We are now receiving unsolicited advice from Israeli security 'experts' that airport security would be less like 'harassment' if we just followed the Israeli solution, racial profiling (needless to say, to emphasize the fact that our enemy is Israeli's enemy: note how racism lies at the heart of Zionism).

This kind of American operation involving Israeli help is one of the two standard models for 'terrorist' attacks in the 21st century (the other, of course, is the Israeli false-flag operation). It simultaneously advances right-wing American goals and Zionist goals, so expect to see a lot more of it.
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