Sunday, January 03, 2010

Lites on fire

There's a squabble going on with the British lites, who don't like to be made fun of as they are, you know, oh-so-morally-perfect cuz they are oh-so-Jewish. Gilad Atzmon, the most insightful (and inciting) writer on the subject of Jews and the Holocaust (the only one that counts, the Jewish one against the Palestinians) has raised their ire.

Lites are Jews who love to talk about themselves and the moral superiority of Jews. The situation in the Middle East is custom made for them. They can waste enormous amounts of time quibbling whether Jew 1 is up to the Jewish moral standards of Jew 2, and so on, ad absurdum ad infinitum, all based on various writings in the Jewblogs ( blogs read only by Jews) on the subject of what is going on in the Middle East. This would be merely a complete waste of time were it not for the fact that the quibbling is used as a method of ensuring that the Zionist Project of building Anti-Assimilation Land across the Middle East can continue without interference from the annoying and morally inferior goyim. The underlying assumption is that whatever is going on in the Middle East can't possibly have anything to do with real Jews, as superior Jewish morality would prevent a holocaust from occurring. The problems must be caused either by the goyim (the evil USA following Chomsky, or the never-miss-an-opportunity-to-miss-an-opportunity Arabs), or by Jews who aren't enlightened enough to be able to follow true superior Jewish morality, a problem that can be fixed if the stupid goyim would only let the Jews get their house in order without outside interference (according to the lites, the mistakes made by these confused Jews is, needless to say, caused by stresses directly occasioned by what the goyim did to the Jews over the course of history, particularly in the 1930s and 1940s).

Thus, the two practical problems with the lites:
  1. the assumption that only the Jews are up to fixing the problems of the Middle East, and everybody else had better keep their hands off until the Jews have used their superior morality to deal with it (and anyone who interferes is an 'anti-Semite'); and
  2. the idea that the problems are caused by outsiders, wither goyim or unenlightened Jews, and not by the general Jewish population, whether in Israel or outside Israel.

In summary, the Jews have nothing to do with the problem, and, paradoxically, are the only ones who can fix it.

The implications of liteness:
  1. Goyim or those rare Jews who directly attack the Jewish community for its overt and covert activism in building Anti-Assimilation Land are racist anti-Semites;
  2. Therefore, the collective murderous activity of the Jewish people is protected by the cordon sanitaire of the 'anti-Semite' slur;
  3. Any direct activity by non-Jews (or those very rare anti-lite Jews like Atzmon) to fix problems in the Middle East usurps the role of the Jews and Jewish morality, and is therefore also anti-Semitic;
  4. While all this slurring is going on, time is wasted and the settlements are given more time to be built.

It is telling that the specific crime supposed to have been committed by Atzmon is throwing a cat in the pigeon coop by suggesting that Jewish solidarity - a touchy subject - is starting to collapse under the sheer weight of Jewish immorality. The Middle East problem is entirely caused by Jews - and, more importantly, by a collective Jewish project based, not on fear of violence, but on a combination of Jewish supremacism and fear of Jewish sexual weakness - and can only be solved by those who think there are higher values than the protection of race lines. It seems to me that if the lites were as concerned as they pretend to be they would shut the fuck up, and let well-meaning people like Atzmon fix the problem (the only possible proof that the lites really mean well is that we never hear from them again). For the most part, lites have it completely backwards - Jews are the only people who can't help. The quibbling of the lites is wasting time and causing confusion, all, unfortunately, intentionally.
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