Monday, January 04, 2010

Monday, January 4, 2010

I don't think there can be any doubt that the Nigeria-to-Detroit underpants gnome was part of some kind of conspiracy. I start with a young Muslim male buying a ticket with cash and carrying minimal baggage. There are enough red flags without all the prior warnings and the "Indian man in a nicely dressed suit" who apparently got Umar Farouk Abdul Mutallab on the plane without a passport. If you want some fun, try that yourself (but be prepared to spend some time in detention!).

"Is it an Arab or a Jew?"

Banksy: I Don't Believe In Global Warming.

Sadly for his reputation, neither does James Randi. Funding for the sceptics comes from Big Oil and the usual Axis of Evil think tanks associated with various religious nuts (creationists), anti-environmentalism, and even Big Tobacco. Referring to one such abomination:
"Former George C. Marshall Institute executive director Matthew Crawford left the organization after five months when, he said, he realized it was 'more fond of some facts than others' and that his job 'consisted of making arguments about global warming that just happened to coincide with the positions taken by the oil companies that funded the think tank' . . . . "

None of the scientists who opine against the scientific consensus work in the field, and many seem to be really, really old guys who have neanderthal political views on everything.

Photo Essay of a Settler.

Beware cheap Reza Pahlavi propaganda ... (love the picture)

From kassandra in the comments, more lying propaganda. This was no accident or mistake: somebody had to go to considerable effort to find a phony video to mislead.

A long interview with the current star in JFK research, Doug Horne, some of it about a possible specific alteration to the Zapruder film.

The Lincoln's Inn apparition.
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